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Lightfoot Mayor Promises $ 500,000 for Access to Abortion Ahead of Possible Cancellation of Rowe v. Wade


CHICAGO (CBS) – On Monday, Mayor Laurie Lightfoot announced that the city would spend $ 500,000 to support the reproductive health of Chicagoans and people living in neighboring states where abortions could be banned if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Rowe’s ruling against Wade.

“As long as I am mayor, the city of Chicago will continue to take a comprehensive approach to reproductive justice,” Lightfoot said.

The announcement came days after a draft ruling said a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court was ready to overturn Rowe’s landmark 1973 ruling, which secured the right to abortion.

Lightfoot said the Chicago Department of Public Health will spend $ 500,000 to support access to reproductive health services for Chicagoans or people living in neighboring states who either already have or will eventually pass laws banning abortion if Rowe against Wade will be repealed.

“This includes access to transport, housing, care and, if necessary, safe and legal access to abortion,” Lightfoot said. “All people, regardless of race, gender, age, income or immigration status, deserve access to health care, and this includes reproductive rights and the choice to make their own decisions.”

Anyone looking for reproductive health services in Chicago can visit OneChiFam website for a list of reliable resources and information on sexual and reproductive health.

“Make no mistake, access to abortion is a health issue,” said Chicago Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Alison Arvadi.


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