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Lincoln Park shoots in Chicago: a man 3 times shot by a cell phone thief in Wayne, Webster; A DePolo student robbed at Fullerton

CHICAGO (WLS) – Residents of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood are on high alert on Friday after two violent crimes took place last night – and police now believe they are linked.

The first was armed robbery at Fullerton and Clifton on the DePolo campus. The second took place near the campus in Wayne and Webster. In that, the man was shot three times after giving away his cell phone.

WATCH | A man fights a suspect before shooting at Lincoln Park

An outrageous surveillance video shows the white sedan stopping, then the robber comes out and hides around the corner, waiting for the victim as he walks down the sidewalk. The suspect came out and pointed a gun at the man, demanding his things. A fight then ensues before the victim is shot several times. We stopped the video before the first shot.

It is believed that the victim is about 20 years old, possibly older, but since the thief escaped with an identity card, his identity has not yet been established. He underwent two surgeries on Friday and is reportedly fighting for his life.

“The first criminal demanded a cell phone code from a boy who was lying on the ground in pain,” said a neighbor named Dave. “And as soon as he got the code, he shot him again, a third time, and they drove off.”

“Dave” ran to the rescue, as well as the husband of a woman who is too scared to identify her.

“The man was lying on his side, unresponsive, trying to breathe,” she said. “My husband and husband just told him, ‘Please stay with us.’

The victim received two shots in the back and once in the head, as the sound of gunshots woke up several neighbors.

“Our dog woke us up, and about five minutes later three loud bangs in a row,” said neighbor Peter Durbin.

“Exactly at 3:05 a.m. three shots, bah, bah, bah,” said neighbor Red Fellars. “I knew it was a shot from a pistol. It couldn’t have been anything else.”

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Minutes before the shooting, a DePolo University student was robbed but unharmed, just blocks from Fullerton and Clifton. 2nd Chamber President Brian Hopkins said the two incidents appear to be linked. A white sedan was used in both crimes.

“They seem to have been driving around the neighborhood at 3am in search of victims who were walking alone to rob them,” Hopkins said. “It’s a predatory act. We’re glad the detectives have good investigations because these criminals need to be brought to justice.”

Information comes from several surveillance cameras in the area, but neighbors say more is needed.

“I really think there should be more police,” said neighbor James Canary. “100% is what needs to happen.”

“We are watching our city turn into criminal lawlessness,” Hopkins said. “You know that there is literally no area in Chicago that is insured against this. It happens everywhere. It can happen at any time and it’s just awful for people. That should stop. “

A white sedan used in both incidents was found Friday in the West Side of Chicago, and police believe it was stolen.

Ald. Hopkins said the vehicle may have been used in six other criminal incidents in the area in the past three days.

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