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Los Angeles plans to impose restrictions on landscape watering twice a week WGN Radio 720


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LOS ANGELES (AP) – The city of Los Angeles plans to require residents and businesses to reduce outdoor watering from three days a week to two as the drought in California deepens, Mayor Eric Corsetti said Tuesday.

The planned restriction for Los Angeles Department of Water and Electricity customers is less severe than the recent decision of the Southern California Metropolitan Water District, which requires some customers it supplies to cut watering to once a week.

The restriction in Los Angeles is expected to take effect on June 1 after approval by the city council.

Corsetti said Los Angeles may be less restrictive than other water areas, due to the constant efforts of nearly 4 million residents to save water.

“Today we use a little less water than more than 30 years ago, and a million more people,” Gorcheti told reporters.

Gorcetti continued to urge homeowners to replace thirsty lawns with drought-resistant landscapes.

While the Los Angeles Department of Water and Energy is a municipal enterprise, the metropolitan water district is essentially a giant wholesaler that provides 26 state-owned water agencies that provide water to 19 million people.

Restriction of watering in the Metropolitan Water District for one day a week will affect about 6 million residents and businesses.

On Tuesday afternoon, the state’s water authorities were to hold a briefing on the prospects of a drought in California.


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