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Meet the 58 women who won the Nobel Prize Lifestyle


Of the more than 900 Nobel Prize winners, 58 are women. One woman, Marie Curie, won two Nobel Prizes.

To select all the winners, Contributor turned to data from the Nobel Prize website. These women have made remarkable contributions to the worlds of medicine, science, art and peacekeeping. Just reaching that height of fame and recognition meant facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. Many women on this list have had to contend with extreme sexism in male-dominated occupations, but some Nobel laureates have also had to overcome physical violence. All of their stories are unique and equally inspiring.

Nobel committees have different methods of determining laureates. The Nobel Peace Prize, for example, is awarded a commission of five people and anyone who meets the criteria can be nominated. However for literature one can only nominate candidates qualified people. Despite the different nomination and selection processes, two rules apply to all awards: no one can nominate themselves, and the names of nominees and nominees cannot be revealed until 50 years after the winners are announced.

Read on to learn about the exciting contributions of these women to society, from useful advances in the fight against the HIV epidemic to the abolition of landmines to groundbreaking research into the supermassive black hole of the Milky Way.

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