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Meme-ing the Governor on TikTok – Chicago Magazine


Photo: @pritzkermemes

TikTok handle: @pritzkermemes
Followers: 15 100

As he began: In 2020, Spencer Gray (the pseudonym of a 28-year-old Baktown resident who works in marketing) and three friends made an Instagram meme with a photo of Governor J. B. Pritzker, who weighs an alligator in Humboldt Park. The page was moved to TikTok in December 2021.

Message that went viral: The download on December 2 garnered more than 70,000 views. The video, in which Pritzker opens a container of groceries in the gymnasium, was marked: “Coming home from a party completely killed and trying to cook for the boys.” Gray says: “The funny thing is that we will post these videos and people in the comments will discuss economic policies where the videos are on how to lead your friends to Hooters.”

Purpose: Pritzker mentioned this at a press conference. “If that ever happens, our lives will just be created,” Gray says.

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