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Met Gala: Kardashian as Monroe, gilded by Blake Lively | Lifestyle


Written by LEANNE ITALIE – Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) – Kim Kardashian has stopped working Met Gala the red carpet on Monday in one of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic dresses, a gold-beaded skirt that Monroe wore when she sang sexually on President John F. Kennedy’s birthday 60 years ago.

Kardashian had to lose 16 pounds to fit into a dress designed by Jean-Louis and purchased in 2016 by Ripley’s Believe or Not! a museum in Orlando, Florida, for a whopping $ 4.81 million.

“It was such a challenge,” she said. “I decided to fit that.”

The dress originally cost $ 12,000. It was so tight that Monroe had to sew into it when she purred “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” on May 19, 1962 at a fundraiser in Madison Square Garden. She died three months later. It has since been known as the “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress.

Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson combined a dress with earrings with diamonds made of white gold Cartier and a white fluffy jacket, which she kept strategically low to cover her back. Her hair was platinum and strongly gathered in a bundle. But she wore only a fragile original dress as she climbed the Grand Stairs to the Metropolitan Museum, turning into a copy after that, according to Vogue.

Earlier, Blake Lively smiled in front of the cameras in a grand dress by Atelier Versace, with husband Ryan Reynolds in brown velvet, Billy Ailish was in a green lace dress by Gucci, and Cynthia Eriva wore a sheer white Louis Vuitton suit with matching. The Met Gala returned to its berth on the first Monday in May after years of pandemics.

The celebration of American design was thematically gilded glamor, resulting in many men in classic black tuxedos, and for women – a variety of black and white dresses. Others paid homage to New York, the home base for the Golden Age, and shone even more in metallic gold and silver.

“Black and white are the colors of the evening,” said Holly Katz, stylist and host of the Fashion Crimes podcast.

Lively, one of the hosts of the evening, wore bronze and rose gold, which turned into a shiny layer of blue when a large bow was pulled. Her appearance drew inspiration from the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the blue ceiling of Grand Central Station.

“Instead of looking for fashion to influence the dress, I looked at New York architecture,” Lively said.

Cardi B accompanied by Donatella Versace was an extraordinary golden goddess in a dress made of netting and chains, which was a wonderful birthday for the designer.

Jiji Hadid was more of a female executioner than a golden girl. It was fitted like leather, a blood-red latex suit with a corset and a huge heavy tight coat from Versace. She cautiously climbed the steps.

Meanwhile, Lisa, as she played her golden flute for fans watching a street fashion parade, drew a standing ovation from the crowd. She wore a black dress under a stunning black coat embroidered with gold from Tom Brown.

Camila Cabela worked in a huge white dress with a belly top from Prabal Gurung, while Jordan Roth, a theater producer, discovered his own discovery by removing a black, egg-like shell on a matching bulb costume, all from Tom Brown. Janelle Monáe offered a royal wave in a black and white dazzling helmet and a form-fitting dress with a hat.

“Strange. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to wear Ralph Lauren. It’s gilded glamor from the future, ” Monae told the Associated Press.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has put politics at the center of a tuxedo with the words “End Gun Violence” on the back. Former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was in a Bordeaux dress designed by Joseph Altuzar, with the names of historical women sewn into the hem and neckline. Among them are Abigail Adams, Shirley Chisolm and Madeleine Albright.

Clinton’s last counter gala was some time ago.

“I told Anna I would come every 20 years,” she said.

Live broadcast of Vogue host Vanessa Hudgens climbed the steps in a fuzzy Victorian black sheer lace dress with a long train from Moschino. She was joined by La La Anthony, her fellow Vogue presenter, who wore a deep red image with carved shoulders from LaQuan Smith.

“I’m almost naked,” Hudgens joked.

Anthony said, “These stairs are scary.”

And if the return of the Met Gala seems like one of those moments already, it is.

It was just under eight months since the last galaan an annual fundraiser that collects eight-figure amounts for the Costume Institute Meta. More than $ 16.4 million was raised last year. The stellar event is the main budgetary breadwinner of the institute.

This year’s gala coincides with opening of the second part of the exposition, which consists of two parts on Costume Institute focused on American fashion and style. The dress code of the evening was gilded glamor and a white tie, a la gilded age, that turbulent period between the Civil War and the early 20th century, known for its robber barons, drama and grandeur.

Some of the stars have included extra touches. Gabrielle Union said the red embellishments in her hair to her silver Versace dress represent the blood shed by colored people in the gilded age. The dress included a large red floral embellishment on the waist.

Anna Wintour of Vogue, who has run the gala mission since 1995, wore Chanel feathers and a tiara with gems that have been in her family since 1910. She continues to be one of the honorary co-chairs of the evening along with designer Tom Ford and Adam Moseri of Instagram. The other official co-chairs for 2022 are Regina King and Lynn-Manuel Miranda.

Ailish wore a custom Gucci corset in ivory and satin Duchesse with green lace and lined fuss. Eriva stared at the large train as she held hands with Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore Christopher John Rogers ’own, Cinderella’s white-and-black striped ball gown with a high pink and black feather on her head from Philip Tracy.

Parker’s dress was inspired by the work of Elizabeth Hobbes Keckley, the first black female fashion designer at the White House, a trustee of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.

Ralph Lauren’s Alicia Keys dress was inspired by her native New York, with a cape reminiscent of the New York City skyline outlined by small hand-placed crystals. Her husband, Swiz Bitz, also a native of New York, wore a New York sports jacket.

Keys said her dress was supposed to “represent the state of the empire and the city of the gods here tonight.”

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has emerged with his mother, Mae Musk, a former model adorned with Chopard pearls and other jewelry. Her son wore a classic tuxedo with tails.

Ariana Deboz is brilliant in a golden Moschino by Jeremy Scott.

“This guy turned me into a trendy Oscar,” she said.

And then The gala included a marriage proposal. Former Bobby State Assembly candidate Digi Olis fell to one knee to ask a stunned Lori Cambo, the city’s commissioner for culture.

What is a Met Gala without more than one Kardashian or six. The whole family appeared, including Kylie Jenner in a white ball gown with a matching hat and older sister Courtney Kardashian in a deconstructed Tom Brown to Tom Brown costume from Travis Barker. Kendall Jenner was in black Prada when she played with Kylie in “The Devil and the Angel.” Chloe Kardashian’s sister was in a golden Moschino, and matriarch Chris Jenner wore a yellow canary color from Oscar de la Renta, an ode to Jackie Kennedy Anasis – her hair in the 60’s.

Megan You stallion was also a golden goddess. Her Moschino shiner had wings on her shoulders. Quannah Chasinghorse wore a blue strapless beaded dress, created in partnership with Indigenous designer Lenis Omeasu.

Without husband Justin Bieber Hailey Bieber walked in an elegant slip dress from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello with a white coat with feather trim.

Katy Perry, who for years usually played the role of cheeseburger and other silly characters, this time wore an understated Oscar de la Renta.

Teana Taylor wasn’t quite on topic, but her dramatic Iris Van Herpen dress definitely made a statement, said Claire Salmers, a fashion writer and pop culture columnist who hosts The State of Fashion column on the Meta Bulletin publishing platform. It was a spectacular purple color worn on the head and face with a metal part resembling a cage.

“The drama and metallic embellishments definitely made her one of the best dressed tonight,” Salmers said.

While many wore European brands, the American atmosphere remained, said Rachel Tashjian, director of fashion news at Harper’s Bazaar.

“Many of the best views were the simplest. For example, Kate Moss in a velvet dress Le Smoking Tuxedo, Hailey Bieber in a skin-tight silk and marabou feathers. They were both in Saint Laurent, which is certainly not an American brand, but the simplicity and immediacy of their beauty and attractiveness were unusual, well patriotic, ”she said.

Todd Snyder, a designer from New York, appreciated many nightly interpretations of the dress code with a white tie.

“Watching people go beyond the expected interpretation was refreshing this year. I liked Austin Butler in the non-standard Prada, which replaced the classic bow tie on a silk scarf with a cropped tuxedo jacket. Ryan Reynolds and Reggie Gene Pagan on Elegan velvet in the Tuxedo.

Associated Press writers Nardas Haile and John Carucci of New York City contributed to this story.

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