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Nevada’s “Motorcycle Mama” celebrates its 102nd birthday at Harley Lifestyle


Nevada State Return

Dayton, Nevada (AP) – A 102-year-old woman from northern Nevada, known locally as “Mom on a Motorcycle”, celebrated her last birthday in a Harley Davison body.

Velma Thornburg’s daughter organized a trip to Dayton on American Highway 50 east of Carson City last weekend with a local motorcycle club.

“I just can’t believe it,” Thornburg said as members of the Northern Nevada Templar Crusader motorcycle club gathered last weekend to celebrate her 102nd birthday.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she told them.

Born April 10, 1920, Thornburg of Dayton, when she was little, traveled with her father, said her daughter Sandra Bell, 77.

She rode horses and bikes in her 80s and traditionally made an annual trip on her birthday until she was suspended in recent years due to COVID-19, Bell said. Nevada State Return.

She said that this year she wished her mother to ride a motorcycle again.

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On Sunday, Thornburg donned a Harley-Davidson jacket donated to her by the club. Others neatly put on her helmet just and gently lifted her into the seat behind the Templar Crusader president Bruce Harman.

Bell, who joined them on the trip, ordered a large birthday cake with a photo of Thornburg on a bicycle from her earlier days riding in memory of the special “102”.

Bell approached Harmon and the club through church contact and Harmon’s niece, Brian Smith, to ask if they would fulfill Thornburg’s wish.

The club consists of veterans of law enforcement and rapid response services who regularly serve the elderly as part of annual events, including raising funds and gifts through the annual holiday poker games.

“Not all bikers are bad guys,” Harman said.

He said it was the first time the band had made a trip to a birthday party, but they wanted to help people like Thornburg.

“It’s just something we need to do,” Harman said. “It was a great honor and all my friends wouldn’t have missed it.”

“Most of the guys who run around town and ride these big beasts are big big teddy bears,” he said. “We’re here to help society, and that’s just one thing we love to do.”

Bell said she is grateful for the club’s generous gesture to her mother.

“I almost cried when I got on the bike, I tried so hard not to cry,” said Bell.

“It really means a lot to me. I know she did it with her mom. That’s what I told Bruce. How to say thank you? No words. She couldn’t wait. She was the queen of the day, ”she said.

As for the trip itself, Thornburg made its way as far as possible on US 50, reaching almost the post office before having to turn back.

“I’ll be back next year to pick you up again,” Harman told her when they returned.

Friends and club members sang “Happy Birthday” as Thornburg shone.

“She’s a wonderful person,” Bell said. “She has more stamina than I do, and I can’t keep up with her. … She had a birthday she never dreamed of. “

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