Home Business New grants to help expand telemedicine services in Pullman

New grants to help expand telemedicine services in Pullman


CHICAGO (CBS) – In Illinois, there is another incentive for telemedicine services to close the gap in health care imbalances.

On Sunday, Pullman Telehealth company MyOwnDoctor announced a new nationwide initiative to work with nonprofits and religious organizations.

The goal is to reach more people who find it difficult to even see a doctor to make it easy from home.

“Today’s announcement brings us closer to the day when health gaps no longer exist and all patients will be able to lead their healthiest lifestyles,” said Sen. Jackie Collins (16th Division).

The company also provided $ 25,000 in grants to three Cook County nonprofits, which they spent on providing more digital content for health and wellness and webinars with health experts in patients ’homes.


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