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New information about the Amazon facility where six people died after an EF3 tornado hit a building below the state


CHICAGO (CBS) – There is new information about the state of the warehouse Amazon, where six people were killed during a tornado last December.

It happened in the lower state of Edwardsville. A lawyer representing the family of one of the victims spoke a few hours ago. Muga Adygea with CBS 2 has a history.

Now the focus is on the warehouse where these six workers died. A law firm representing the interests of one of the victims said the warehouse was not even built for coding.

They said new information obtained as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showed that the support columns containing Amazon’s 1.1 million-square-foot delivery warehouse had not been properly secured and the bolts were out of place. .

“It’s hard to find out that these incidents have happened and you are a family that needs to lose someone,” said Jack Kashata, a partner at Clifford Law Offices, which represents the family of 26-year-old Austin McEwan.

He is one of six workers killed when an EF3 tornado crashed into an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville on December 10th. According to the law firm, there was no basement or security plan at the facility. Also, the institution does not have an adequate contingency plan required by OSHA.

McEwan tried to weather the storm in the bathroom. He and five other people did not survive.

“If you combine this with the fact that there are real support columns that actually hold the truss and the roof, and it turns out that they are not welded, screwed or fastened, this in itself will certainly contribute to the destruction of this type designs. Which had to withstand this type of medium tornado, ”Kashiata said.

The firm said many employees and other family members have turned to this, and there are likely to be more cases of unlawful deaths.

CBS 2 received a statement from Kelly Nantel, Amazon’s spokeswoman:

Our focus continues to be on supporting our team and all those affected by this tragic disaster. Investigators continue to conduct a comprehensive forensic examination of the building and the blockages – so to judge the presence of problems with the design is premature and erroneous.

The original developer completed the construction of this building in 2018 in accordance with all applicable building codes documented by the city and the original owner. The building was re-inspected and passed city inspections in 2020 when Amazon leased the building.

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