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No arrests, but a familiar name re-emerges in a suspect in the murder of two girls from Delphi, Indiana


CHICAGO (CBS) – Their horrific murders shook Delphi, Indiana, more than five years ago.

The killer of Abby Williams and Libby Herman has not yet been caught. But a recently released transcript of an Indiana police interview draws new attention to the case.

The interviewee used a fake online profile to talk to Liberty German, one of the victims before her murder. Tara Molina of CBS 2 reports that the man has not been charged in the case.

His name is Kegan Klein, and he was not officially linked or charged in the Delphi case. Although this is mentioned several times in the transcript of the interview.

Indiana State Police

Klein is currently facing 30 counts of felony counts, including child pornography, child extortion and obstruction of justice. Thirteen-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German were found murdered in February 2017 near a footpath near their hometown of Delphi, Indiana, about 60 miles from Indianapolis.

More than five years later, the investigation is underway, as their killer has not yet been found and no one has been arrested.

Back in 2021, CBS 2 reported a fake account found by state police during an investigation into a case belonging to a man who under “Anthony Shots” pretended to be a model to contact underage girls. He asked for nude photos and tried to meet with them, which led to more than 30 child porn charges.

A transcript of the August 2020 interview, summarized with the CBS 2 podcast team The Murder Sheet, which is currently covering the case. They received documents that reveal more about this account on social networks and the man behind it, Kegan Klein.

At first, Klein denies any contact with Liberty German.

The officer said: “I think you wanted to tell the truth and it was hard for you because you were afraid. I mean it’s a double murder investigation.” “Yes,” said Klein.

Then he asks…

“… how did you meet Liberty German?”

Said Klein

“I don’t know… I literally don’t know… I had to be on Instagram or something.”

“Okay. So she added you to Instagram. When was that?”

And Klein replied:

“I literally have no idea. I don’t remember talking to her really. I didn’t even know who she really was until I saw it in the news, and I didn’t say, ‘Wow, that’s a name.’ memorized the name. ”

But the police had his phone records. The officer said:

“Again, I mean it’s also a lie, because we know for sure when you were in Vegas that on your device you were looking for a Delphi investigation.”

CBS 2 asked Kegan Klein’s lawyer for comment, but there was no response. On April 14, Kline will return to court on charges of child pornography.

Indiana Police have sent a statement to CBS 2:

Thanks for the appeal. We know that The Murder Sheet has published an attached transcript. This information no come from Indiana State Police.

Due to the ongoing investigation, Indiana Police are not confirming or denying those who are or are not suspects. We continue to ask for state assistance when applying abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com or 765-822-3535.

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