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Norma McDonald has a last moment to share in a special issue of Netflix – the term


Norm MacDonald will be the last laugh.

Netflix confirmed that McDonald will have the latest, posthumous stand-up special on Netflix, which kicks off on May 30th. Norm MacDonald: Nothing specialwhich he named was recorded in the comedian’s house

A recent comic, who died in September 2021, secretly recorded a viewing of a planned special stand shortly before his death.

Comedian friend and colleague David Spade announced the news on Wednesday. Spade and several other famous comics have seen footage of McDonald’s latest raid.

“I definitely cried,” Spade said stated on Jim Downey’s podcast: Fly on the Wall yesterday. They all attended a late memorial service held last week at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

Spade said McDonald recorded a rough run alone while alone at home during the Covid-19 blockade.

“He just said,‘ You know, I’m still trying to make my set, ’and he was getting weaker, which we didn’t know,” Spade said. “They close the theaters all the time, and they don’t let him go, and then he says, ‘I’ll just show it once, just say it out loud.’ «

The material has been described as “classic norm material”.

Spade said film crews were on hand to record a memorial to McDonald, prompting him to believe the McDonald documentary was working with Netflix. Previously, MacDonald hosted a talk show on a streamer.

“Norm worked so hard on the new material hour and wanted to see it. Although this version of Nothing Special was not originally intended as a final product, Covid’s restrictions did not allow it to be shot in front of an audience. We want his fans to see this very funny hour. He left this gift for all of us, ”said Lori Joe Hextra, long-time Norm production partner and executive producer of Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special.

After the special film – a bonus film with Adam Sandler, Conan O’Brien, Dave Chapel, David Letterman, David Spade and Molly Shannon, who discuss their friend Norma, a fearless comedian and a happy man. The conversation was recorded earlier this month during a tribute to Norma on Netflix – it’s a joke: a festival.


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