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One Chicago police officer was shot dead, one was hit by a car on the West Side; the suspect was also shot


CHICAGO (CBS) – One Chicago police officer was hit by a car and another was injured in the little finger during a traffic stop in the western part of the city on Monday night.

The incident took place on Polk Street and on Sacramento Boulevard in the North Londale community, police said.

Soup. David Brown said officers stopped the car, which stopped. When the driver stopped, officers came out to talk to the man inside, Brown said.

But almost immediately the driver rammed one of the officers and pinned the officer between the suspect’s car and the service car, Brown said. Brown said the officer suffered a leg injury when his ankle was pressed.

The video, first received by the 16th and 17th District Chicago Police Scanner on Twitter, shows the driver accelerating by pinching an officer between the driver’s car and an unmarked police car.

Another officer fights to pull the driver out of the car.

There was also a shootout during the incident. According to police, the suspect fired first, and the officer opened fire in response.

The officer was shot in the little finger, and the male offender was also shot. He was taken into custody.

The officers were taken to Cook County Strogger Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“One officer was shot in the arm. Another had his ankle and leg crushed between the offender’s car and the official car. The officer is in surgery where his ankle was broken. He needs all our prayers for a full recovery. Another officer is still there this morning. shards from his hands, but he is in good condition, ”Brown said during the new police ceremony on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, Mayor Laurie Lightfoot said she was “very relieved to hear that none of their injuries were life-threatening and that the suspect was detained at the scene.”

“My family and I send them strength as they recover, and thank them along with all the first ones who helped last night for their courage and quick action in a chaotic and potentially deadly situation,” Lightfoot added.

Weapons were found from the scene, and a video camera will be used for the investigation.

Brown stressed the dangers posed by police work Monday night.

“Over the past two years, officers have increased by 500 percent,” Brown said. “This is the most dangerous time to be a police officer in the country.”

The Civil Police Accountability Service is investigating and reviewing records from the police cell and units from the firing chamber. The two officers involved will be sent away for 30 days, as is the usual procedure in police shootings.

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