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One of them was convicted of reckless behavior after the “capture of North Avenue Beach” – Chicago Tribune


The beach party, which turned into a “big quarrel” and erupted on the streets of the old town on Wednesday night, led to accusations of reckless behavior, police said.

The event “Capture of North Avenue Beach” spread on social networks and began at about 17 o’clock on the beach.

But after police asked the crowd to leave, which had grown to about 100 people, they moved west onto North Boulevard, then north along Clark Street to LaSall Street, according to Kelly Bartoli, a police spokeswoman.

The video on social networks shows people dancing in cars and stopping traffic.

According to Bartoli, the only arrest was Termain Patterson, 18, who was taken into custody at 11:25 p.m. in the 1700 quarter of North Clark Street.

Patterson, who “ignored verbal commands and continued to try to inflict bodily harm on several individuals,” was charged with negligence, misconduct and received a ticket for open alcohol in public, according to Bartoli.

The witness, who said he did not want his name in the media, said police were aware of the party, which began with the children having fun in good weather and checking bags that excited the crowd.

No one was injured during the event, Bartoli said.


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