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Parents are frustrated, curious that they are looking for a new library in Back of the Yards


CHICAGO (CBS) – The proposed Back of the Yards library was fully funded almost a year ago and to date, and there is still no movement to create it.

Sabrina Franza from CBS 2 understands why – she talks to her parents, who have been fighting for years to make it a reality.

“We need the city to invest in this community. I feel that this community is separate. It seems to be forgotten, ”said Alma Sigala, the father.

Preparatory High School Back of the Yards College has over 1,000 students. But they do not have their own library – they share it with the whole community.

“As a mom, I’m always frustrated,” said Consuela Martinez, the father.

The moms we met say their children’s grades suffer from visiting the library. They have no special space for learning.

“They don’t use the library. They only used the classroom and hallways at school, perhaps to do homework. ”

The parents who fought for the second library thought they had won.

In May last year, the state allocated $ 15 million for a second separate space. Now parents don’t know where that money is.

Almost a year has passed since the allocation of this money, but the parents we spoke to with the students of the school say that they feel that their voices are not heard.

– I think that’s not enough.

We dug – the state says it is waiting for the city.

State spokeswoman Theresa Mach told us a quote:

“Everyone wants to see a new separate library in the Backyard as soon as possible … A survey of community members’ wishes regarding a place where more than 300 responses were collected … community leaders, CPL and DPD will further explore potential sites, gather information and move forward to the next steps ”.

Different than these moms say.

“I sometimes don’t feel part of this project.”

The city has not yet given us deadlines – they say they are at the stage of “scanning” to choose a place.

Once we started asking questions, a Mach State representative told us he would seek more. We will also be monitoring this project.

The state says the money for the project is still there – and ready when the site is chosen.

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