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Patrick Nebut will head the humanoid sister of Euro Drama Firm Sparkling – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Subsidiary company The universe of the Incals owner Humanoids named Sparkling Deadline began creating a European drama with Patrick Heaven at the helm.

Confidential and The northern sun leaves producer and specialist in European co-production Nebut Beta version– belongs to the manufacturers Dramacorp to lead the Parisian producer as president and CEO of content.

Sparkling will be sitting next to the Los Angeles-based Humanoids, which owns the sci-fi comics franchise Incal, created by writer and director Alejandro Khodorkovsky and French artist Mobius in the 1980s. It will focus on original European drama projects and series, as well as funding, production and co-production of series and films based on the Humanoids catalog.

“We will identify and adapt the most unique and scalable IP from the vast catalog of iconic graphic novels Humanoids, but we will also develop and release original series and movies,” Nebut Deadline said. “All will be premium projects that will resonate in several parts of Europe and beyond.”

He added that the emphasis will be on facilities where the company retains rights, and noted that the included European and national quotas on content will help models of pre-sales activities and search commissions.

Sparkling will host a subsidiary of Skyverse in the Nordic countries, which earlier this month began production on Acorn TV, TF1 and the drama Viaplay Confidential and is working on a Cold War drama mini-series Whiskey on the rocksbased on a story by Swedish author Jonas Jonason and adapted by Henrik Jansson-Schweizer (Thicker than water). Sparkling is also working on We are zombies, based on Jerry Friesen and Guy Davis A series of cult comic book humanoids Zombies that ate the world.

Management team

Jansson-Schweizer, who was a co-founder of Nice Drama from Heaven in 2009 and worked with him at Dramacorp, has been appointed Creative Director in the Northern Region, working at Stockholm’s Skyverse office, Sweden. Magnus Bimberg, former vice president of HBO Europe for Production Finance, also joins Heaven in the central position of Vice President of Production Finance and Business.

Henrik Jansson Schweizer and Magnus Bimberg

For the past five years, Nebu has directed Franco-Scandinavian producer Dramacorp, known for European detective drama Agent Hamilton and the mystical thrillers SVT / Canal + The northern sunwhich remains the largest export of French series. He also co-founded Nice Drama, in which he was nominated for an Oscar The man who climbed out of the window and disappeared and another Swedish film, Super Swede.

“It’s been an exciting five years and it’s an honor to work with Jan Moito to create Scandinavian beta scripts,” Nebut said. “Now destructive times require destructive creative and production models. It’s a whole new world, and Sparkles along with the humanoids are set up for an amazing journey that I want to take part in.

“We will focus on a unique, strong, recognizable and scalable IP that permeates noise and has clear global potential. Our approach is agile and agile, with a bullish view of production in multiple territories and markets, with innovative financial and manufacturing structures designed to provide control over IP. In the near future we will expand into new territories. “

The Humanoids, led by CEO Fabrice Giger and Group Chief Operating Officer Mathieu Coppet, have launched several projects in recent months. It is noteworthy that Taika Wojciech is adapting Incal in feature films.


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