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Peace talks on the Ethiopian Tigray conflict continued | WGN 720 Radio

by: CARA ANNA, Associated Press

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NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Peace talks between warring parties in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict have been extended until Monday.

An official familiar with the talks’ arrangements confirms that discussions between Ethiopia’s federal government and representatives of the northern Tigray region are ongoing in South Africa.

The African Union-led talks are aimed at ending hostilities in the war, which some scientists and health workers estimate has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

The first formal peace talks began last week and the South African government said they would conclude on Sunday. The representatives of the warring parties did not answer the questions.

Neighboring Eritrea, whose forces are fighting alongside Ethiopia’s, is not participating in the talks, and it is unclear whether the deeply repressive country will honor any deal reached. Eyewitnesses told the AP that Eritreans were killing civilians even after the talks began.


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