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Pet shelters filled up during the pandemic as owners were unable to keep their dogs


CHICAGO (CBS) – Owners are taking their dogs to animal shelters at higher rates because of the pandemic – but this is not because owners are returning to work.

Sabrina Franza of CBS 2 visited two shelters on Friday – both with many adopting dogs – to explain why this is happening.

A friendly 1-year-old dog nicknamed Cody turned in PAWS Chicagobecause his family could no longer keep him in their home. Not that you didn’t want to.

“Its owner has moved into a smaller apartment, and many apartments have rules regarding the size of the pet,” PAWS Chicago CEO Susan Homann said.

Cody is not alone.

“We see that there are many people affected by the negative impact of the pandemic. Of course, there were health problems and death, job loss, insecurity,” Homan said. “Many of these problems not only affect people, but also their ability to keep pets.”

PAWS and other shelters across the city report a similar trend.

“I would advise them to keep looking until they see a place; they will find a place that suits them and their animals – and accepts them both,” said Mamadou Diacate, Chicago’s executive director for animal care and control.

At Animal Care and Control, the nursery is fuller than since the beginning of the pandemic.

They accept dogs and promote adoption, but they also send dogs to places like DACs.

Dogs at PAWS are usually adopted within a few days – and dogs like Cody are very excited to meet their new families.

PAWS and other shelters also offer temporary crisis shelter services for dogs who need temporary shelters while their owner is dealing with a medical or other emergency.

“And then they can get the pet back,” Goman said.

PAWS Chicago hopes to clear the shelter through the Adopt-a-Thon event. It began on Friday and will run until Saturday, April 16th.

You can find more information or see the available pets at PAWS Chicago website.

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