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Pleasant distribution of death


The handheld 2D action game Have a Nice Death just got its first early access an update called Infrastructure Development. To celebrate the event, Magic Design Studios and Gearbox Publishing have partnered with Wccftech to hand out 10 Steam codes in the draw.

The draw will last a week. Next Tuesday we will determine the winners – good luck!

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Pleasant distribution of death

Lobby Challenge – Meet Jocelyn, the elevator of Death Incorporated, which offers a series
exciting tasks between races. Each call opens up an instant bonus, for example
new weapon or spell. However, some problems have certain requirements – non-compliance
performing this task will lead to serious consequences such as less health, less mana and
much more.
Full access to the Department of Modern Warfare – We gave everyone a little bit of that
the world when Have a Nice Death came out last month. Starting today, you will have
access to the entire level, complete with five different enemies: veteran, armed a
drum with explosives, headless figure leaving behind mines, fire-breathing
a pyromaniac, a cadet with homing missiles and a pilot who drops bombs from
Improved lounge and new seating area – Visit the new water cooler in the lounge, where you can exchange Sulari for Anime to regain health. There is also a new vending machine in which you can randomly pick up a new item or get lost if the car breaks down. If you need a break, you can visit the new relaxation area, where you can pick up a free healing cup of coffee and relax.
New Tanagers – The management has hired four new Tanagers (mini-bosses) to manage
Terror in Death Incorporated:
o Leon Wedge is a conservation engineer responsible for maintaining the Hall of Eternity
flawless. Watch out for his deadly vacuum that creates deadly garbage.
o X4-H is a dangerous mutagen with uncontrolled saliva that has been captured
Department of Industrial Pollution.
o Richard J. Baron can also be found wandering through industrial pollution
department. In a previous life he was an oil tycoon who made a profit from fossils
o Ms. Camilla Flagge may look slow, but she is unleashed with rage and insane
vertical attack. It can be found stretching across Modern Warfare

Added spells – Recruits can discover five brand new spells that give you the opportunity
Flame enemies at a distance, inflict huge damage with one blast
with other abilities.
Bug fixes and “Improving the quality of death” – We instructed the servants
Magic Design Studios with updated game mechanics and fixes for problems that arise in our mortals
players reported in the first month of development.


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