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Police are looking for a man who attacked 3 women, one committed sexual assault in Logan Square


CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago police are warning Logan Square residents about a man in a vest who sexually assaulted one woman and assaulted two others.

Each attack took place between 1,600 and 2,000 blocks of North Humboldt Boulevard.

The first was in April, when a man entered the building and tried to enter the woman’s house. He sprayed her with pepper before running away.

Then on Friday afternoon the woman was sexually assaulted after she entered her building.

On Saturday morning, the woman was attacked at the entrance to her building after 3 p.m. The attacker put a bag on her head, but she screamed and ran away.

In each case, the man was described in both an Amazon and a construction vest, in dark clothing and in a surgical mask.


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