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Police are trying to identify the shooting group that injured two men near the Chicago Theater


CHICAGO (CBS) – Police on Wednesday released a video of an incident in the Taco Bell canteen on Wabash Avenue in downtown, which killed two innocent people in an alley near the Chicago Theater last weekend.

Shooting in turn, forced to cancel the production of “Moulin Rouge! Musical” at the Nederlander Theater on the street.

Police said the victims – two men aged 27 and 55, one of whom worked as a stage worker – were shot at Benton Place Lane near Wabash Avenue just before 5pm on Sunday.

It all started with being in the canteen of Taco Bell Cantina around the corner at 178 N. Wabash Ave. robbed three men, and the victims pursued the robbers and shot them, injuring two innocent people instead.

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The video shows three men entering the Taco Bell canteen, fussing and settling down. One sits down at the table and the other orders a drink, closing his mouth with his hand.

Later, three more men joined the first group. When groups get lost together, it seems like drugs are brought to the table in front of the restaurant. But things go bad when a man in a blue jacket from the second group forcibly takes something from a person from the first group.

At this point, the men from the second group leave, and behind them quickly run out three of the first. One man runs through the restaurant and out into the street, chasing another group with a gun in his hand.

The video then shows two of the three men from the first group climbing the stairs to the state / Lake L junction.

The police are looking for these two men. One is wearing a black lush hooded jacket, a Boston Red Sox hat and light ripped jeans. The second is wearing a blue, red and white Philadelphia Phillies jacket.

Chicago Police


Chicago Police


Chicago Police

After filming in broad daylight late Sunday, a large crowd watched the tape rise from the crime scene while they waited to get to the Chicago Theater to sell out “Letterkenny Live!” comedy show. The door opened just as the shots rang out.

This show has gone ahead. But Nederlander’s Moulin Rouge did not. Broadway in Chicago has sent a notice canceling the performance of “Moulin Rouge! Musical” on Sunday night “due to a previous violation.”

A participant in the Moulin Rouge audience said the announcement was made after the house was full and the curtain was raised.

“This whole street was full of people, and everyone started running, taking off,” said one eyewitness, who did not want to be named. “We heard one shot and at first we weren’t sure it was a shot. And then a second later you heard four more. ”

The 55-year-old victim received gunshot wounds to the head and was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in good condition. The 27-year-old was shot in the arm and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in good condition.

The show took place in Nederlander on Wednesday night. The Chicago Bicycle Police went around when the theatergoers went inside.

“Unfortunately, this is a new norm for the city of Chicago, so we don’t want these events to limit our plans,” said Chet Desai, who visited the Moulin Rouge on Wednesday night. “So we’re just going to go ahead and hope for the best.”

“Obviously we come here wanting to enjoy our time in the theater – and it’s a pity we did,” said Melody Derrick, who was also present.

Chicago Police Department. David Brown said there is deployed more resources to the city center.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call a zone 3 detective on (312) 744-8263 or give an anonymous tip on cpdtip.com.

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