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Preparing for football Gordon appointed new coach of Christopher | Sports


CHRISTOPHER – Grant Gordon knows how to make an entrance.

The 20-year-old Christopher High School 2020 graduate was hired late last month by the Christopher School Board as the university’s football coach.

This week, information is spreading on the Internet that Gordon is not only the youngest head coach of the Bearcats, but also the youngest head football coach in America.

Gordon, who just two and a half years ago was a Bearcats defender, replaces Anthony Hargrove, who recently took on the role of assistant coach at a small South Carolina college.

“For me, it was an exciting moment when I got a call that I was given a job,” said Gordon, a full-time accounting student at the University of Southern Illinois. “However, after I applied for the job, the process went well … I was fine. I am very confident and believe that I am able to do a good job as a head coach.”

Gordon said his first step was to introduce himself as a student of Christopher and Ziegler-Royalton. And that’s including junior schools. Given the arrival of freshmen to seniors, about 70 students signed up to play football this fall between the two schools.

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“The next step will be to meet the players and parents after school,” Gordon said. We will also be participating in summer camps in June and some seven-on-seven tournaments in Benton and Du Kuon. Practical classes will begin in July. Weight training has already begun.

“My parents were delighted with me and many of my friends were shocked that I got the job,” Gordon added. “But the main thing is that they are all happy for me. I heard rumors that I am the youngest coach in the country, but for me it does not matter. I did not apply for a job for this reason. I applied because I liked playing here. and I’ve enjoyed being an assistant coach for the last two years. I have a lot of work ahead of me and I want to get started immediately. “

Gordon said he is somewhat concerned about the football work around his school classes, but noted that he attends several classes online. Those classes that require a personal visit are gathered in the morning.

“I’ve always loved playing football,” he said. “Like I said, I have a lot of work to do. I can’t wait to get started.”

Christopher’s sporting director Josh McCarren said he looks forward to working regularly with Gordon.

“We are very excited that Grant will be the head coach here,” he said. “He brings a lot of energy to the work and also has playing experience and some coaching experience having spent the last two seasons here.”

McCarren, himself a former Bearcats head football coach, said age would not hold Gordon back.

“I don’t think so. Grant is very mature for his age and is one of the most hardworking I know. He’s already doing a good job of getting kids interested in going to football this fall. If we save half the kids who say they will play, we will be in good shape.

McCarren added that Gordon has “good connections” with the students and believes his passion for the game will bring big dividends to the Bearcats.


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