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Preparing for softball Murfisboro defeats Carbondale | Sports


MURFISBARA – Several timely strikes combined with a key defense error and some opposition mistakes in launching the opposition allowed the Red Devils of Murphysbar on Thursday to win a non-conference 5-1 over rival Jackson Carbondale.

The Terriers took a 1-0 lead early in the third inning when Jasmine Martin reached base due to a short stop error by Sarah Cook and then scored a goal in the RBI singles result from the battle of Camryn Miller.

This unearned jog would be the only jog that the Terriers would get away from Murphystbar’s senior pitcher Toby Young.

“It was a big win for us because it’s a big rivalry,” Young said. “We haven’t reached them in the last couple of years, so this (victory) was nice.”

Young said throwing with the presenter relieves stress from her shoulders.

“However, I know I have to bring my game ‘A’ no matter what. What works well for me this year – it’s pretty much just moving my fast ball in and out.”

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At the bottom of the third, it was Carbondale pitcher Cain Gramer, who was the loser.

With one exit Shelby Cook doubled to the left field for the Red Devils. Mallory Gill followed with a well-hit single on the backyard, advancing Cook to third place.

Gil proceeded to steal the second. Then Sarah Cook jumped into a short stop for a second exit. Gramer seemed to be coming out of the jam when Young also jumped to a shallow left field, but a short stop, Ella Karaianis, dropped the ball, allowing both sets to score.

The Red Devils brought to their 2-1 advantage in the fourth inning, making three wounds to gain a 5-1 team advantage.

Taylor Rayman, who walked, moved to second place on the sacrificial bow from Martina Clover, moved to third on the wild field and then scored on the second wild field.

Shelby Cook stood out and came up to score on a double RBI strike from Gil. Gil later scored a goal in the wild to take into account the final victory.

Young won a complete victory in the game of “red devils” (20-12). She completed seven innings, made one unearned run on five strokes, crossed out two and passed two.

Shelby Cook, Eli Doer and Gil scored two shots each to contribute to the attack at Murphysbar.

Red Devils coach Kim Cook was pleased with the win.

“Today we were not at our best when it comes to our bats,” she said. “We had a few good shots, but their pitcher (Gramer) worked hard to keep us off balance. Making a substitution for the full number … it’s a bold thing. And if you can do it, it’s amazing. She did a great job.” .

Cook said winning meant a lot to her and her team.

“First, it’s a great rivalry. And it was also our 20th win, which was our goal this season. Now we have to go to Benton tomorrow (Friday) and beat them if we want to win the conference. For the last two years (2019 and 2021) we finished one game without taking second place, so winning the conference is very important to us ”.

Gremer was marked by a loss for the Terriers (total 16-12). She completed six innings and passed five runs (three earned) on six strokes, struck out 11 and passed only two.

Brooke Willard, Martin, Gramer, Miller and Carly Stearns received one hit each in Carbondale.

Terrier trainer Kim Wheeler was disappointed with the result.

“Murphysbar played well. They did a few games on the field and we didn’t. We just need to work a little harder in practice. Such mistakes can’t happen at this time of season. There’s nothing that happened today that we haven’t talked about or talked about. worked in practice. Our mental resilience needs to be stronger. “

Carbondale will host Gorville on Tuesday and Cobden on Wednesday.


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