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President Joe Biden in Chicago: POTUS is scheduled to visit Kankaki farm, speak at IBEW convention as inflation rises

CHICAGO (WLS) – President Joe Biden visits the Chicago area on Wednesday.

The first stop is a family farm in Kankakee, but the president has a full day planned.

Biden, along with Agriculture Minister Tom Wilsak, will first visit Kankakee to discuss the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on food supplies and prices at home and abroad, as well as ways to reduce costs.

He will then speak at the International Convention of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Engineers in McCormick Place before taking part in the fundraiser and heading back to Washington.

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On Tuesday, with only six months left in the interim and his rating downgraded, the president said fighting inflation was his administration’s domestic priority, blaming the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

“My plan is attacking inflation and developing the economy, reducing costs for working families, giving workers a well-deserved increase, reducing the deficit at historical levels,” Biden said.

Republicans said President Biden’s policies had led to inflation reaching a 40-year high.

The president arrived in O’Hare on Air Force One around 11 a.m. and briefly met with Cook County Council President Tony Prequinkle before boarding another plane and flying to Kankakee, where the average person is battling that inflation.

“I think for an ordinary person who walks into a grocery store and looks at food prices, you need to be almost independent rich to even shop at Walmart,” said Kankaki resident Bernard Ryan.

Young Keely Doliger said it was hard.

“It’s disappointing to have to spend more money, but for me personally it is,” she said.

Rising gas prices are also shocking.

“It’s a little sad, but I feel that’s largely because of what’s happening in Ukraine, and I’m glad they didn’t bomb my house,” said Kankaki resident Wayne Marty.

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