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Public Broadcasters CBC & BBC Podcast Team – Deadline


Canadian CBC and the UK BBC jointly developing a trio podcastsincluding the one in which Game of Thrones actress Una Chaplin explores the company of J. Edgar Hoover on the eradication of communism in Hollywood and his obsession with her grandfather, the star of silent movies Charlie Chaplin.

The project from CBC Podcasts and BBC World Service is an extension of the collaboration commitment from 2019, in which the two national broadcasters promised to improve their services and programs by working together.

Podcasts include Chaplin Air Force audio produced by Wales Hollywood outcastsAntica Productions and Telltale Industries’ Bait and BBC Scotland Productions’ A billion-dollar gold mine scam (all working titles).

Hollywood outcasts see the Spanish-British actress Chaplin, known for her roles in Game of Thrones and Taboolooking at Hoover’s determination to stop perceived Hollywood communism The tramp star Charlie Chaplin and will guide listeners through the infamous hearings of the House Anti-American Committee and the “Hollywood Black List”.

The Bait see journalist Hannah Adjara looking for an adult entertainment star whose images are used against her will. The trip will take her from the UK to Florida and further to West Africa.

A billion-dollar gold mine scam will follow investigative journalist Suzanne Wilton, who reports on the massive mining fraud in the 1990s committed by Bee-X Minerals. It is advertised as a “story of greed, gold and mystery.”

Three podcasts will be available on BBC Sounds, CBC Listen and most other podcast platforms. They are scheduled to be released this year and next.

“I am pleased that the BBC World Service is working with CBC Podcasts to create fresh, compelling podcasts through these new commissions,” said BBC Director-General Tim Davy. “With a first-rate story in my heart, I’m looking forward to these podcasts being presented to a wider audience.”

“The BBC and CBC / Radio Canada are leaders in podcasting, and it is a pleasure to launch this joint initiative,” said Catherine Tate, President and CEO of CBC. “This collaboration is another way we, as public broadcasters, can use our expertise to serve audiences at home and around the world.”


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