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Rampant crimes: a 2-month-old child was involved in an accident, car theft

CHICAGO — A 2-month-old baby was at the center of a chaotic, bizarre crime spree involving car crashes and a carjacking in Ravenswood on Sunday.

It all started in the 4700 block of North Clark Street, where the crash involved at least five vehicles, including an unmarked police car.

Amir Ruzati was one of the vehicle owners whose car was damaged in the accident in Ravenswood. He believes the vehicle that did all the damage was also stolen and the driver also fled shortly after.

“Initially he hit a police car at Lawrence, and then he turned right and hit all those cars,” Rusatti said. “After that I heard he ran on foot or stole another car or something.”

Police said a 41-year-old man was getting out of his Honda in a parking lot in the 1500 block of West Lawrence Avenue shortly before 11 a.m. when someone walked up to him and stole his car — with a 2-month-old baby inside. inside.

Then Sunday afternoon, the car was rear-ended on Lower Walker Drive.

“He hit us, we stopped,” said Christa Tarien, the driver behind. “We were standing at a traffic light and a car hit our car. I really didn’t see what was going on.’

As Tarien’s vehicle pulled to the side, the man jumped out of the vehicle that struck her from behind and slipped through a gap in the ramp to escape. Moments later, police found a 2-month-old boy in the back seat.

“We all stopped and I saw the officers run up to the car and pull the child out,” Tarien said.

Police believe the crashes and the carjacking are related and are continuing to investigate the series of incidents.

The police detained a person of interest and are interrogating her in connection with an accident and car theft.


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