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Recognize and assist victims of emotional abuse


BELOIT, Wisconsin (WTVO) – There are several ways in which victims of domestic violence can be injured.

Unlike physical violence, emotional violence leaves no traces that can be seen. The state mental health counselor spoke about the signs of emotional abuse and the best ways to contact someone who may be a victim.

Stephanie Hormig, LGBTQ + survivor PRESS BELOITdescribed some signs that someone might be going through such a situation.

“It could start like, ‘Oh, I don’t like that shirt on you.’ But then two or three months later the shirts are thrown away, choosing only what you can wear. Take you shopping. You can’t do that, you can’t do that. It becomes a factor of control, ”Hormig said. “We have what we’re talking about all the time, it’s the wheel of power and governance. It’s the ability to manipulate situations to gain power and control over someone, it’s one of the red flags we’re talking about. “

Hormig said people can best do as a friend, colleague or observer to approach someone when they see these signs.

“We always tell people: be people who don’t judge. If you turn to someone about this and you condemn it, you will have walls built. You are going to build walls, ”Hormig said. “You’ll have,‘ I can’t trust them. They will just condemn me. ” So if someone in your life is going through this, let them have you as a soundboard. Know the resources. Maybe as soon as you start noticing this, do a little research yourself. Understand where they better go? ”

It’s important to come up with solutions, not just tell the person that there is a problem.

“Absolutely. “Solutions are better,” Hormig said. “You’re going to build these walls. It’s, ‘I don’t trust you.’

If you are a witness or victim of domestic or sexual violence, visit our Stateline Strong page for available resources.


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