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Relatives plan blood action in honor of two men from Naperville who died in the stampede of Astrosvet


CHICAGO (CBS) – The FBI is continuing to investigate what led to the stampede that killed two men from Napierville at the Astroworld festival featuring rapper Travis Scott last November.

The answers to their deaths may be vague, but in the fog of grief the families of the victims found light.

Morning Insider Lauren Victory explains.

Jacob Jurinek and Franco Patino called themselves Batman and Superman. Longtime best friends never knew they would actually save lives.

“We need to do something about this. We need to do something,” said Jurynek’s cousin, Bridget Highland, sharing part of her family’s conversation a few hours after hearing that Jurenek and Patina two of the ten victims in the crush of the AstroWorld concert in Houston in November.

“He is [Jurinek] was this bigger than life guy. He had such a strong impact on so many people, so we really decided right away that we wanted to figure out how to preserve that memory, ”Highland said.

His family affectionately called him “Big Jake” and another nickname “Jurn”, the Yurinek family decided to “Continue Jurn-hey” through a bloody action that will take place this Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm in Alfred Community Center Ruby Riverwalk at 305 W Jackson Avenue in Naperville.

“Blood is essentially a medicine we can’t do anywhere in the lab,” said Highland, who is well acquainted with the power of donation.

She is a children’s resident.

“I work at a children’s hospital. Every day we see our cancer patients, injuries, patients with blood diseases who need blood to save lives,” said Dr. Highland.

She recently helped organize a blood donation at the University of Southern Illinois, where her cousin was a student. Collections from the disc potentially saved 177 lives.

“It was great. It’s so nice to hear. It’s beyond what we could have hoped for,” Highland said, crossing her fingers for another super turnout in honor of the superhero friends.

Assignment of donations is recommended, but not required.

The blood drive will take place on Sunday, April 10, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in a public room in downtown Alfred Rubin Riverwalk, at 305 W. Jackson Ave. in Naperville.

You can complete the registration via Versiti blood donation site or the donor app by calling (800) 7TO-GIVE, or scanning the QR code on the flyer below.

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