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Residents of the hills, who are tired of the threat of jumping in their area, are demanding measures from the mayor


CHICAGO (CBS) – People in the western suburbs of Hillside say speeding drivers are terrorizing their neighborhood. Recently, one driver crashed into a women’s yard and took off.

Assal Rezai of CBS 2 reports that the homeowner and other neighbors are tired and want action.

The video, filmed on a neighbor’s camera, shows the driver breaking the “Stop” sign at high speed on Wednesday night.

A few minutes later he passed through the yard of Alice Dixon-Zolikofer.

“I heard a scream and a big bang, and I thought, my God, it must be a car accident on the corner,” she said.

Fortunately, the driver did not crash into her house, but left part of her yard badly damaged.

She runs a kindergarten and says the driver ran into the speed just an hour after all her children drove home.

“I saw flashes of lights, I thought they would come in through my window,” she said.

Roger Romanelli lives right in the neighborhood. He was walking the dog when the driver drove by.

“Immediately my dog ​​and I jumped off the road, the guy flew past me, I heard him come here and crash,” he said.

Romanelli says that over the past six years, he and his neighbors have repeatedly turned to the mayor’s office for help, but have been ignored; even with a video of one car after another moving at speed and passing through stop signs.

A slow sign for children along with a couple of stop signs on the road is the only thing that has changed since the neighbors raised the issue.

“We need monitors, cameras. We need a security infrastructure. We need strategic police patrols, ”Romanelli said.

These neighbors feel that these security measures have been waiting for a long time.

“Now I don’t even want to go out with my kids because of the high-speed cars coming here,” Dixon-Zolikofer said.

Hillside City Hall did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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