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SAG-AFTRA members overwhelmingly ratify $ 1 billion a year in commercial contracts – deadline


SAG-AFTRA members overwhelmingly voted to ratify a new package of $ 1 billion a year in advertising contracts, which the union estimates is estimated at an additional $ 120 million for members over the three-year term.

The vote, which was 92.25% in favor, matched the vote of the National Council (93% in favor) last month, which recommended ratifying membership. The new contracts were signed during eight weeks of talks with the Joint Committee on Advertising Policy.

“We did it!” said SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher. “The vast majority of members have agreed to new commercial contracts. As we move into the digital age, bold steps and structural changes have had to be made. Our amazing negotiating committee heard what the members needed and put new contracts with extra money to broadcast, more contributions to the health plan, restrictions on listening to the tape, fairness of hair and makeup, protection of intimacy and more. These contracts create a baseline on which to build a new future. “

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, national executive director and union chief negotiator, said, “This bold new agreement reflects SAG-AFTRA’s multi-year approach to addressing major advances in the advertising industry and the growth of digital and streaming platforms. We change over time and adapt our agreements to ensure that our members can benefit from the long-term development of the industry. This agreement will ensure that union members continue to work and receive well-deserved salaries. The agreement will also support expanding the scope of work performed under the SAG-AFTRA contract. The fantastic commitment and energy of the Negotiating Committee shows how SAG-AFTRA and its members can overcome any future challenges, guided by our mission with a well-thought-out strategy, foresight, passion, perseverance and, above all, unity. “

Former SAG-AFTRA President Gabriel Carteris, who chaired the Negotiating Committee, said, “During the nearly eight-week process, our Negotiating Committee has never strayed from a focused focus on modernizing and transforming our contracts. Our committee is still focused on modernizing and transforming our commercial contracts. Our success in the negotiations is directly linked to the incredible support, advice and work of National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and Chief Contractor and Lead Negotiator Ray Rodriguez, whose influence and wise advice are in every provision. ».

According to the guild, a long list of key contract provisions includes:

* No nude auditions.
* New standards for nude or partially nude jobs.
* Increase by 10% complete before scaling rates in the first year of the contract.
* Establishing fixed fees, cycle rates on a wide range of digital and traditional media, making the contract easier to use by employers and improving the ability of performers to track and verify that their payments are correct.
* New, higher-paying category for streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Peacock and Disney +
* Significant increase in contributions to the care plan, including the equivalent of the additional contribution of 1.01% directed to the SAG-AFTRA health plan.
* Equalization of rates for Spanish-language commercials with respect to only a separate program fee.
* Payments for the use of Class A are reduced by 5% in exchange for an increase in digital payment structures. The usage rate is maintained with a $ 20,000 / $ 15,000 limit for a 13-week cycle for advertisers and agencies only.
* A new mitigation fund that appeals to performers who have been most affected by usage fee restrictions. Proceeds from the fund will be distributed among performers whose commercials are most often in Class A.
* Numerous new rules for self-recording and remote live listening that apply principles that apply to face-to-face listening. This includes remedies related to:
* Repeated automatic tapes
* Parties 24 hours in advance
* No requests for dangerous actions
* No multiple seats
* Does not change the angle when taking a double
* Without changing makeup and style
* No special equipment or paid listening services
* Mandatory waiting room and delay notifications
* New rules for nude and intimate scenes, including:
* Notify in advance of any requirement to appear naked or partially naked, with the possibility to refuse work and still be paid for the day when the requirements are not met.
* A telephone letter containing information about SAG-AFTRA harassment.
* Do not use digital doubles to evade contract terms.
* The first-ever contractual requirement that hair and makeup staff must be able to work with a variety of performers to be considered “qualified”
* Improve provisions for deaf and hard of hearing performers.
* Additional protection for juvenile performers.
* Improvements for singers’ contractors, choreographers and assistant choreographers.
* Additional compensation to background performers who ride stunts, and additional examples of harmful work that cause additional compensation.
* Protect against performers’ requirements to sign unilateral, overly aggressive privacy agreements during auditions.
* Now the performers need to be told during the audition whether the producer will apply any waivers.
* Revised statute of limitations that allows performers not to file claims for gratuitous use until the advertisement is dead.


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