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South Side businesses welcome White Sox fans before the start of the season


CHICAGO (CBS) – Businesses on the south side are preparing to welcome White Sox fans ahead Opening of the house on Tuesday.

Owners of Cork and Kerry, located at 3259 S. Princeton Ave., are expecting a crowded home this afternoon. This season means more fans and fewer restrictions on COVID.

Let’s not say the word “c,” let’s go beyond that.It’s been a struggle for 18 months, but last year showed that we can survive, get together again and enjoy each other’s company and enjoy playing in the ball, ”manager Bill Guide said.

Cork and Kerry managers said last year’s White Sox season brought business, which gave them a much-needed boost.

ChiSox Bar and Grill staff spent last week to make sure the shelves were stocked and ready for Tuesday’s game.

“The preparation was not easy and you have a little time to reopen the restaurant and serve new beer,” said Nicolette D’Andrea of ​​ChiSox Bar and Grill. “This year we are back at Miller Coors, who was the initiator of the White Sox, so we are very excited that Miller Coors is also back on board.”

The opening of the house will begin at 3:10 p.m.

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