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South Side pastor steps aside amid sexual assault claims


CHICAGO — Cardinal Blaise Cupich has asked the pastor of a South Side church to step down and live away from his ministry after the Archdiocese of Chicago received allegations of child sexual abuse decades ago.

According to a letter written by Cupich, Holy Redeemer Parish pastor Father Paul Guzman was overseas on military duty when the archdiocese received the indictment about 40 years ago, when Guzman was a layman and 25 years before he entered Mundelein Seminary for training. to the priesthood.

Cupich said that in accordance with the archdiocese’s child protection policy, he asked Guzman to resign from the ministry immediately after he returned from military service and agreed to cooperate with church leadership.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Cook County District Attorney’s Office were also notified of the allegation.

Near the end of the letter, Cupich said the archdiocese’s Office of Child and Youth Protection will be available at 312-534-5254 to answer any questions parishioners and families of Holy Redeemer Parish may have while the allegations are being investigated. is conducted.

The archdiocese also said that anyone who feels they have been sexually abused by a priest, deacon, layperson or lay servant is encouraged to come forward, and more information on sexual abuse can be found at Website of the archdiocese.

Read the full letter from Cardinal Blaise Cupich and the Archdiocese of Chicago below:


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