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Students at Jones Preparatory College are set to walkout Monday after a classmate wore an alleged Nazi uniform

CHICAGO — Students at Jones College Preparatory School in Chicago are scheduled to walk out Monday afternoon.

The students are outraged that their classmate came to school on Halloween in a costume similar to the uniform of a Nazi soldier. Videos circulating on Twitter show the student stepping on stage while several others loudly boo him.

High school principal Joseph Powers has been suspended in connection with the investigation.

Powers told students and parents that the uniform actually replicated that of East German guards in the 1980s, not Nazi soldiers in the 1940s.

But Powers acknowledged that some students saw it as an act of anti-Semitism.

In an email sent to the Jones community on Thursday, Powers wrote:

“Let me be clear and clear that what happened hurt many of our students and staff who saw it as an act of anti-Semitism. Let me also state plainly and clearly that intolerance, bigotry and prejudice have no place in our school… We want you to know that we are dealing with this situation directly with the member of our school community who wore the costume in accordance with our harm-handling protocols , based on bias.”

The Chicago teachers union is calling for Powers to resign.


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