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Stunt drivers say that if the city wants the chaos to stop, so that the stunt meetings in the city stop, they need a place


CHICAGO (CBS) – A recently released video shows a scene from under a ring of fire during a car stunt show on Lower Wacker Drive over the weekend.

All of this is part of dangerous stunts that take place downtown and in many other parts of the city. But Sabrina Franza of CBS 2 has spoken to some drivers who say they have a solution.

On the highways and parking lots of Chicago, drivers who make donuts and growl for sports – nothing new. Lower Wacker Drive early last Sunday morning on which some of the spectators stood in the middle of the ring of fire around which the drivers revolved.

Now we hear an explanation of the fire bell on Saturday, but also the hopes of some drivers for a safe space to turn.

“There’s always one person who just gets it out of control; it makes him even more of a mess than he is,” said one of the drivers.

Such drivers call themselves swingers. Franz spoke to three of them on Lower Wacker Drive.

They did not want to reveal their names due to possible police crackdowns, and said that chaos and fire rings are not what they are talking about.

“Don’t blame everyone for one thing that happened because, other than that, not all good things stand out,” another swinger said.

Video surveillance from Saturday night to Sunday morning showed hundreds of people on Lower Wacker Drive on the show – with drivers drifting and making donuts and then the band jumping out of the fire.

It’s not exactly legal, though Drivers for sideshow want to change that.

“If the city wants to end this, it must give what the people want,” said the driver. “They want a place to spin their cars.”

They want the event to be both with permits and with permission – to divert noise from the residential area; an event they can regulate, and check cars for things like gasoline that can be used to start a ring of fire.

“People watch, you know, when cars drive in – they check to see if they’re bringing things they shouldn’t bring,” said the first driver, “and a lot of people would take them off the streets and give them a place to do it.”

In fact, this is not an original idea. In Detroit, organizers worked with police to open a legal nomination area – to keep the side show in a designated place, not across the city.

“It has been going on for more than ten years,” said the second driver.

We asked Aldo. Brendan Reilly (42) about the idea. He has another solution.

“The decision is that motorists are subject to local traffic laws, and if they do not comply, Chicago police need to crack down on this illegal activity,” Reilly said in a statement.

The chairman added: “I don’t see a scenario if the city ever opened a facility for drag racing.”

But the driver repeated: “It would be a decision – to give people what they want.”

Ald. Reilly acknowledged that the Chicago Police Department lacked the resources overnight to deal with such indexes.

So far we have not heard of any arrests related to the Lower Wacker Drive meeting over the weekend. Police told us they had not received any reports that night and no one was injured.


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