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Taylorville Animal Control confiscated 65 cats from one home Top stories


Taylorville, Illinois (WAND) – Taylorville animal control confiscated 65 cats from one home on Friday after receiving a call that there were many animals in the residence. The cats are now in the Christian County Animal Control Department, which is now exhausted for cats.

“It was extraordinary. I don’t think we really had time to stop and think about how much we get,” said Dwan Kelmel, an animal control officer. An animal care officer told the homeowner that it started as a good gesture and got out of control.

“It’s a situation where women’s intention to capture some neighborhood cats and they just kept coming and breeding and they just got out of control, ”Andy Goodall said.

He said the consequences were unclear at the moment.

“At this time we didn’t do a solution on exactly what the fine will be for this … the previous animal control officer had in the area of 40 cats in one house at a time. And we are considering the process of what was done there to be similar, ”Goodall said.

All of these cats were brought to the Christian District Animal Shelter. It took tthree trips to relocate all the cats. Now they are waiting for the vet to check them and make injections, tThe next task of the shelter is to give them all a name and a new home.

They are raising money for a new cat room and said it is even more important now. They also take donations.

Check out their Facebook page for more information HERE.


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