Texas Roadhouse Rolls to Be Available at Walmart in Limited States: Report

Texas Roadhouse’s famous buttery rolls, beloved for their irresistible flavor, are set to make a debut in select Walmart stores. Markie Devo, a prominent food insider on Instagram, recently announced that Texas Roadhouse mini rolls will soon be available exclusively in Walmart’s freezer aisle. This initial offering will be limited to the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. These states were chosen strategically due to Texas Roadhouse’s roots in Louisville, Kentucky, and its first restaurant opening near Clarksville, Indiana, back in 1993.

The product will feature a convenient package containing 12 mini rolls in a ready-to-bake pan, complete with Texas Roadhouse’s renowned honey cinnamon butter for glazing or serving alongside the rolls.

Markie Devo’s Instagram post hinted at a potential national expansion by fall 2024 if the initial test run proves successful. This limited release aims to gauge consumer interest and fine-tune logistics before potentially launching the product nationwide.

For residents in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, this limited availability presents an exciting opportunity to bring the restaurant’s signature rolls into their homes. For those outside these states eagerly awaiting a taste, Texas Roadhouse offers the option to order rolls and butter directly from their website or app for convenient pickup. Customers can find these under the “Sides and Extras” section, ensuring they can enjoy the warm, pillow-like goodness of Texas Roadhouse rolls wherever they are.

In addition to these rolls, Texas Roadhouse already offers various products at Walmart and H-E-B stores, such as their classic steak sauce, gold sauce, and cactus blossom seasoning blend. This expansion into the freezer aisle marks another step in bringing the restaurant’s popular flavors directly to consumers’ kitchens across the country.

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