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The 12 Best Halloween Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Video

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Happy Halloween! If you’re looking for a scary, moving, or just plain scary movie to watch today, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween movies to watch today, all available on Amazon Prime Video. (And yes, there’s a family-friendly Halloween movie.)

The best products in this article:

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Best Family Halloween Movie: The Addams Family, now streaming on Prime Video

Best horror movie to rent: No, $20 on Amazon

From a classic like the original Halloween and 1978’s Rocky Horror Show new issues including Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ and A24’s ‘X’, our list has something to scare everyone.

And when you’re done reading about the best horror movies to watch this season, be sure to check out our guides the best Halloween decorations to buy this year and the most popular costumes of 2022. Not a fan of horror movies? We also have recommendations for family movies check, Art the best new shows on Disney+ and more.

The best horror movies to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video

Here are the best Halloween movies to include in yours Amazon Prime subscription.

“The Addams Family”

Universal pictures

The beloved Halloween family is back in this 2019 animated film. The Addams Family follows Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester and Grandma as they prepare for a visit from creepy relatives. Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz and Finn Wolfhard voice the creepy members of the Addams Family in this children’s film.

The Addams Family, now streaming on Prime Video

“A Quiet Place Part II”

Johnny Cournoyer/Paramount+

Another family film, A Quiet Place Part 2 picks up where its thrilling predecessor left off. After the deadly events of the first film, the Abbott family must leave the safety of their farm and face an outside world filled with a barrage of threats – both familiar and new. Cillian Murphy stars alongside Emily Blunt in this tense sequel, now streaming for free on Prime Video.

A Quiet Place Part II is now streaming on Prime Video

Want to catch up on this exciting series? A Quiet Place is now available to stream on Paramount+.

A Quiet Place is now streaming on Paramount+

“The Exorcism of My Best Friend”

Eliza Morse/Prime Video

Being a teenager in 1988 is tough, but best friends Abby and Gretchen get through it together. From boy drama to Gretchen’s evil paranormal powers, nothing will keep the pair apart. Eighth Grade actress Elsie Fisher stars in this new dark horror comedy. Now streaming on Prime Video.

The Exorcism of My Best Friend is now streaming on Prime Video

Good Night Mom (2022)

Good night mom

David Giesbrecht / Amazon Studios

After their parents’ divorce, twin brothers Elias and Lucas move in with their mother, but her appearance and behavior have changed dramatically. Is the mother they love so dearly really the one under all those surgical bandages? Naomi Watts stars as Mom in this 2022 English-language remake of the 2014 Austrian arthouse hit.

Good Morning Mom is now streaming on Prime Video

Suspiria (2018)


Amazon Studios

As a young American upstart quickly rises through the ranks of Berlin’s world-renowned dance troupe, her peers begin to uncover the troubling supernatural secrets of the company’s director. Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Mia Goth star in this remake of the 1977 cult classic horror film.

Suspiria is now streaming on Prime Video

Carrie (2013)

Carrie (2013)

Sony Pictures

Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore star in this remake of the 1976 horror classic. “Carrie” tells the story of a misunderstood and mistreated teenager who turns out to be a magnet for the supernatural.

Carrie (2013), now streaming on Prime Video

Rocky Horror Show


20th Century Fox

If you can’t make it to the Halloween midnight showing of this great movie, Amazon has got you covered. This 1975 musical follows a newly engaged couple who embark on a harrowing road trip after their car breaks down near the mysterious mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” stars Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and others.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is now streaming on Prime Video

The best horror movies to rent on Amazon Prime Video

From brand new releases to tried and true classics, these are the best horror movies worth paying for on Prime Video.



Universal pictures

Jordan Peele’s latest blockbuster tells the story of two siblings who struggle to run the family’s horse ranch in Southern California. A dangerous opportunity presents itself when a couple discovers a UFO lurking just above their land. Starring Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya, The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and former Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer, No is now available to rent via Prime Video.

No, $20 on Amazon



A group of aspiring filmmakers head to a remote rural ranch to shoot a porn film, unsuspecting that their hosts are hunting them. X stars Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega and Brittany Snow. With the prequel to A24’s hit horror The Pearl now in theaters, now is the time to stream X.

“X,” $6 and up on Prime Video


Sony Pictures

After being locked up for 15 years, murderer Michael Myers is on the loose and out for blood in his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her feature debut, there’s no better movie to kick off the Halloween season than the original Halloween.

Halloween, $4 and up on Prime Video

The best TV deals right now

Looking to upgrade your home theater? Read on for the best deals on TVs, streaming sticks, and more available on Amazon.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K Smart TV

4th series.jpg


The Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K Smart TV it’s a medium-sized TV, the perfect size for many living rooms. The device comes with a Fire TV Alexa voice remote; use it to find your favorite programs, movies and shows, check the weather and more.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K 55-inch Smart TV, $520

LG OLED B1 Alexa 4K Series Built-in Smart TV: $1,597

LG OLED B1 Alexa Series Built-in 4k Smart TV


This 4K Smart TV has built-in Alexa has an OLED display. This TV automatically adjusts the viewing and sound settings.

LG OLED B1 Series 65-Inch Built-in 4K Smart TV $1,597 (Reduced from $2,300)

TCL QLED 6-Series with 4K resolution: $950


TCL via Amazon

If you’re already used to a certain interface, switching can be difficult, especially if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. Fans of the ultra-simple Roku platform should look for a TV – e.g this TCL model — with a built-in Roku system. Also, the image quality of this 6 Series model is stunning for the money.

65-inch TCL QLED Roku 6-Series with 4K resolution, $950 (reduced from $1,500)

LG OLED C1 4K Smart TV: $1,497


LG via Amazon

Amazon has it now LG’s C1 series 65-inch OLED TV marked down. Smart TV has built-in Google Assistant and Alexa.

Unlike LED and QLED TVs, OLED TVs do not have a backlight. Instead, each pixel is its own little LED flashlight that can independently change its brightness and even turn off completely. Because each of their pixels functions independently, these TVs offer elite picture quality — and the darkest shadows. OLED TVs also tend to be very thin. Featured here is the LG set is only 1.8 inches thick.

LG OLED C1 4K 65-inch Smart TV, $1,497 (reduced from $2,500)

Amazon Fire TV Stick with 4K Ultra HD

Amazon Fire TV Stick with 4K Ultra HD

Best buy

Featuring a new Wi-Fi antenna design, this Amazon streaming stick is optimized for 4K streaming. Amazon Fire TV Stick pairs with compatible Bluetooth headphones and features Alexa-enabled voice control technology.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with 4K Ultra HD, $50

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube


With a hexa-core processor that delivers fast, smooth 4K streaming, the Fire TV Cube is the most powerful option when it comes to Amazon Fire TV streaming systems. Equipped with a control-compatible soundbar and audio/video receivers, you can enjoy a completely hands-free experience and simply ask Alexa when you want to change something on the TV.

Amazon Fire TV Cube, $120

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