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The 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Journalism and the Arts will be announced WGN Radio 720


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NEW YORK (AP) – The Pulitzer Prize is being awarded Monday to honor the best journalism in the turbulent year of the uprising, the frantic end of the longest-running war in the United States and the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and catastrophic climate change.

Winners in 15 nominations in journalism and seven nominations in the field of art will be announced at 15.00 at Columbia University, which manages the awards. This year, Pulitzer, which will be broadcast live, recognizes the work done in 2021.

Pulitzer Prize is considered the most prestigious award in American journalism. Winners of each category receive a prize of $ 15,000, excluding a civil service award accompanied by a gold medal.

The awards were based on the will of newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer and were first awarded in 1917.


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