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The 81-year-old family as well as her son and daughter were found shot dead at Morgan Park home


CHICAGO (CBS) – An 81-year-old woman and her daughter and son, both aged 60, were found shot Tuesday afternoon at a house in the Morgan Park area.

As Charlie De Mar of CBS 2 reported, Riley’s family was torn apart Monday night. They remained at the scene near the house at 11,300 South Green Street at 10 p.m., along with police, who had been investigating for five hours.

The matriarch of the Artery Riley family was found dead in the house along with two adult children. We are told that the family has lived next door for decades.

As investigators made their way through the house, they made one horrific discovery after another.

Around 3:30 p.m., a fire service was called to the scene to check the welfare and found the bodies.

“I have no words,” the dispatcher was heard on the police radio. “You can’t come up with that. It’s like a movie. “

The 81-year-old family as well as her son and daughter were found shot dead at Morgan Park home


Police said Mrs. Riley was found shot in the right side of the head on the ground floor. When investigators climbed upstairs, they found the bodies of her daughter Thomas Riley, 64, with gunshot wounds and Thomas Riley’s younger brother, Reuben Riley. The sister and brother were shot in the right side of the torso.

Thomas Riley’s daughter came home on Tuesday afternoon after she was called that she had not shown up for work, police said.

She last spoke to her mother on Monday night and went to the house with two other relatives to try to get inside, but found the door closed. They were able to enter the house through a bathroom window, found Riley’s body and immediately called 911, police said.

Apparently, the person responsible for the killings was trying to hide Reuben Riley’s body.

“In fact, we just discovered it. He was hidden under a coat and, like half a bed, a chest of drawers that was thrown over him, ”the officer was heard on the police radio.

Most of the day, investigators went from door to door talking to neighbors to see if they had seen anything, and asked for video surveillance.

Two district operatives are investigating the murder. As of Wednesday afternoon, there were no arrests. Police are looking for a 2008 silver Chevy Trailblazer that was taken from home.

De Mar of CBS 2 spoke to some family members, but late Tuesday they were looking for privacy.

3 family members were found dead in a house in Morgan Park


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