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The 9-yard line sums up the draft and looks ahead to the rest of the offseason


CHICAGO – For the first time in his professional career, Ryan Poles was at the helm of the NFL Draft for the NFL.

This was another important step in the process of restoring the bear list before the 2022 season, and there are many holes that need to be filled. Starting with six elections in the draft, the Poles were able to turn them into 11 thanks to some moves made on the last day of selection.

He surprised some by taking two defenders with his election in the second round and only one truly broad receiver, with different positions from eight elections being chosen on Saturday.

Now that they’re in place, head coach Matt Eberflus has to do it all along with some new free agents in his first season in Chicago.

This edition of The 9 Yards Line summarizes the NFL Bears ’2022 draft, as well as a glimpse into what awaits the Bears this spring at Khalas Hall ahead of a quick summer break ahead of training camp.

Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun Times also comes in to share his thoughts on the NFL draft and the postseason.

You can watch the full live show at 3:30 pm in the video above.


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