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The author’s essay on plagiarism was pulled out after another plagiarism was found WGN Radio 720


NEW YORK (AP) – An author’s online essay on why she used plagiarism in a novel published earlier this year was removed after editors discovered she had rewritten the material.

Jumy Bell “I plagiarized parts of my debut novel. That’s why “appeared only on Monday at https://lithub.com. Bell’s debut novel “The Leaving” was due out in July, but was named Riverhead Books in February.

“Earlier this morning Lit Hub published a very personal essay by Jumi Bell about her experience writing a debut novel, her struggle with severe mental illness, the pressure a young writer may feel to publish, and her own plagiarism actions,” the publication said. “Because of inconsistencies in history and, importantly, the further incident of plagiarism in the published article, we decided to delay the essay.”

Lit Hub editor Johnny Diamond said Monday that the plagiarism concerns passages about the history of plagiarism; several commentators on social media found similarities between Bell’s work and work from various previous sources. Bella did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In her essay, Bella writes about her determination to finish her novel, about a young black woman who got pregnant. She remembers wanting to add “literary descriptions” of the pregnancy that she didn’t feel and looking for material outside.

“I tell myself that I just borrow and change the language. I tell myself that I will rewrite these parts later at the editorial stage. I will make this story my own again, ”she wrote.

“At that point, I would tell myself anything. I went to bed at 8 am because of irritated nerves and woke up at midnight. I don’t sleep all night, I write every other day. I just want to go through this, to a place where I can fall asleep again. Looking back at that moment, I ignored my instincts. I ignored the voice inside that quietly said it was wrong, wrong. ”


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