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The best finds for St. Patrick’s Day Lifestyle


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St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, and one of the best things about this holiday is that it’s fun for both adults and children. If you are planning a party for St. Patrick’s Day, you may be wondering where to start and how to celebrate this traditional Irish holiday. Also, you need to make sure you are wearing green so you don’t get pinched!

This handy guide will help you start planning a party with everything from decor to clothes.

1. DmHirmg A set of decorations for St. Patrick’s Day

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This set includes 31 different items to help you decorate your home for the holiday. With a burlap banner, foil and lots of jumping leprechauns and stylish shamrocks you’ll be on your way to the best-decorated St. Patrick’s Day party.

2. St. Patrick’s Day flag in the garden

This holiday flag is the perfect way to tell your guests where the party is. The sturdy double-sided flag is printed in bright colors and has adorable leprechauns that greet your guests. You can also use the flag over and over again to maintain fun every year.


Photo: NicolasMcComber via gettyimages.com

3. Dwarves on St. Patrick’s Day CRCZK

These charming gnomes are another version of the holiday decor: 10 plush hanging gnomes with sharp hats stretched up to the nose. It is believed that these traditional Swedish gnomes protect people from misfortune and bring good luck and happiness, making them a perfect addition to St. Patrick’s Day.

4. Ivenf Shamrock Shamrock Shaped String Lights

Light up your festivities with 13-foot LEDs. These fixtures are perfect for a party or an outdoor party and you can customize them in eight different settings and run on battery so you can hang them anywhere.

Inflatable St. Patrick's Day

5. Inflatable lawns Angela & Alex for St. Patrick’s Day

This seven-foot-tall inflatable depicts an unfortunate leprechaun who has fallen headlong into his pot of gold. He will greet guests and have a good laugh when they head to your party.

6. Hat of St. Patrick Amskan

Complement your outfit with this stylish addition to the wardrobe for St. Patrick’s Day. This fedora style hat comes in a green cage that will keep in fear of any potential hairpin. The versatile hat is suitable for most teens and adults.

7. Tasuxe shirt for St. Patrick’s Day

This cute shirt is the start of a great outfit for a party, or you can use it as a gift or a prize. The baseball t-shirt has bright green sleeves and a gray middle with green lettering in the cage. The luck of the Irish will be with whoever wears this shirt.

8. Men’s button-down shirt Funny Guy Mugs

This button-down shirt offers a fun Hawaiian look in St. Patrick’s Day outfits. The pattern with leprechauns, rainbows and horseshoes is carved in the shape of a Hawaiian shirt for a comfortable, original look that will bring him a lot of laughter.

Lepercon's anointing

9. Shirt with a dwarf Lucky Co. on St. Patrick’s Day

Definitely to amuse the young boy in your life, this leprechaun shirt performs a branded move from the internet. It will be a hit for teens who might otherwise be hesitant to join in the fun.

10. T-shirt with a shamrock from Disney

This 100% cotton t-shirt is a must-have for Peter Pan fans on St. Patrick’s Day, adorned with a white shamrock on a green background with a Tinkerbell silhouette in the middle.

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