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The best golf balls for the start of the 2022 golf season Lifestyle


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The beginning of spring means a new year of golf in four-season states. Many golf courses open in March or April, and golf enthusiasts can’t wait to return to their swings. When you start the next season, you may want to think about getting new golf balls. Maybe you checked Corresponding list of golf balls of the United States Golf Association (USGA). for official swords and specifications.

Depending on your skill level, choosing the best golf balls for 2022 can be challenging. You may be wondering if premium golf balls really affect your game. Golf Digest says, “Yes. Premium layered balls with urethane lids are usually superior because they work well all over the bag. ” Maybe you’re just looking for new golf balls for sale at a low price. To weigh your options, check out this list of golf balls so you can have a stylish break in the spring of 2022.

Callaway used new precision technology to improve “every component and design feature to create golf balls of the highest quality”. This set is 2022 Callaway Chrome soft golf balls has Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core to provide the rotation, speed and control that players are looking for. Chrome Soft’s 22 balls boast “greater distance from the tee and a higher level of green side control”.

A leading brand in the field of golf balls, Titleist supplies a ball that gives players away from the tee. The Golf balls Titleist Pro V1X Left Dash “Designed for players looking for a high-flying ball, similar to the Pro V1x with much less spin at full speed and a firmer feel.” Balls are more expensive than others in the Titleist product line, but they can be your perfect choice to improve your game.

Sixth generation Srixon Q-Star golf balls equipped with a FastLayer Core with lower compression for “excellent, balanced performance” and “excellent flight at low-level clubs”. In addition, SeRM-coated Spin Skin maximizes rotation control and provides excellent stopping power. The 338 Speed ​​Dimple Pattern offers less drag and higher lift gains, even in challenging wind conditions.

For players who like to buy more balls ahead,Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls come in a set of two boxes, which is about $ 48 for a dozen. The softcore design provides a “soft feel and response to bumps from tee to green”. The brand aligns and marks the moment of inertia in the optimal direction on each ball. By using this information to align the shot, you get long distances due to the reduction in lateral rotation. It also provides denser shot variance and excellent overall performance.

Players of different skill levels get great benefits for their money Soft Pro Golf Balls. This model is “the world’s first cast urethane golf ball with a matte finish.” The special technology ST2G “sticks to green” in the production process allows “special adhesion to green”. Golfers can enjoy great sensations, high spins and optimal control with each ball.

Wilson has been developing and supplying premium golf equipment worldwide for over 100 years. V-Cor’s exceptional enhanced performance Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball “increases energy to create maximum speed from the club for greater distance.” In addition, players choose this ball for a four-layer design that offers a higher spin and better control.

A new iteration Golf Balls TaylorMade Tour Response offers increased groove interaction and increased elastic components for a larger back and softer feel. The brand has developed swords at an economical price, “to ensure you tour performance without a price tag on the tour. The more you spin, the less you spend. ” Golf enthusiasts everywhere can appreciate such a win-win option if they find it.

Avid golfers are always looking for a ball that offers high speed and control, a sense of responsiveness and maximum distance from the tee to the green. The Golf Balls Vice Pro The series provides everything players want, thanks to their High Energy Speed ​​Core (HESC) to increase ball speed and innovative S2TG technology to “follow the green”. The 318 large dimple design also allows for a stable trajectory.

Titleist fans who want a softer feel can appreciate Golf Balls AXV. They feature a larger rod and a recycled casting layer with high flexibility with a “thinner urethane elastomer coating system”. Add these elements to the design of the aerodynamic dimple of the catenary, and players will be able to enjoy greater ball speed, increased rotation and control, as well as incredibly soft sensations.

Many golfers will attest that consistency is an essential characteristic of a good golf ball. Golf Balls Titleist Pro VI features a flexible body layer that “adds speed and reduces long play”. In addition, the 388 quadrangular dimple in the spherical tile maximizes distance and ensures stable flight. From or to green, golfers around the world can count on the Pro V1 to run when they expect and need it most.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best golf ball on the course this year, trying any of these brands will help your sticks find their perfect option.

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