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The body found in Gary reportedly turns out to be a realistic doll; Ariana Taylor’s search continues


Gary, India (CBS) – Police announced a serious development search for Ariana Taylor in Gary, Indiana, on Sunday – and then a very strange amendment, when they discovered that it was not a body they found, but a life-size doll.

Gary police sent out a warning that they found the body in a grassy spot, but hours later said it was not the body at all.

While Taylor’s family waited, it turned out to be a rubber silicone doll.

The 23-year-old Taylor was last heard late on April 2nd. Police found her car on Monday, which fell on the I-65 highway.

Since then, police have searched on foot with K-9 units, on ATVs, in district hospitals and even underwater, all without success. Her friends and family set up a search team to search for her earlier in the week.

After all these searches, the Lake County Coroner’s Office told CBS 2 that a NIPSCO employee who was working near 15th Avenue and Lake Street called the Lake County Dispatch because they thought they had found something. Police appeared and even sent out a statement that they had found the body, but it was a doll.

CBS 2 asked police how this could be confused, and they said there was a sheet over the doll and that they could not take it off to look until a coroner arrived at the scene.

So far, the search for Ariana Taylor continues. Her family is still searching, and police say the investigation is ongoing.

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