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The Chicago White Sox extended their winning streak to 6 games, beating the Boston Red Sox 3-2 – Chicago Tribune


Boston – The Chicago White Sox had to make decisions.

They topped the Boston Red Sox following a run in the ninth inning on Sunday. Closer Liam Hendrix and his colleagues Kendall Graveman and Aaron Bummer were unavailable.

The White Sox challenged Jose Ruiz and rookie Bennett Souza, and both got big outings to keep the 3-2 win ahead of 28,602 at Fenway Park.

“Luckily, in college (in Virginia) I was closer to my junior and senior years, so I had little experience with that,” Souza said. “Even in the low leagues I had a few saves. So I’m used to being at this end of the bullpen and realizing that the three hardest outings are the last three.

“But the key is not to let the pressure get too big, even though it’s the first time at Fenway Park, and the final game is at second base. Just follow the statements and stay in yourself, and I hope good things happen. ”

Dallas Keichel made six strong innings, and pickers Ryan Baer, ​​Matt Foster, Ruiz and Souza passed when the White Sox completed three games and extended their winning streak to six.

It was Souza’s first save in the major leagues.

“He deserved it,” manager Tony La Rousseau said. “You have confidence in him, keep throwing him. We can’t win without depth. “

Hendrix earned a save in the first five games of the winning streak, including a win on Friday and Saturday at Fenway Park. The White Sox rested him on Sunday.

Grahamman is healthy, La Rousse said, noting that the right-hander warmed up on Saturday and the White Sox did not walk towards him on Sunday.

La Rousse said Bammer felt a “pull” on his right knee during his last speech on Friday and is heading to the list of victims to accompany Joe Kelly arrives after rehab with Triple-A Charlotte.

Baer, ​​Foster, Ruiz and Souza combined five outs and one shot in three innings.

“These guys have been doing it since day one,” La Rousseau said. “Souza did a very good job, Foster saved us and Ruiz. Baer, ​​the first guy who had to do it in the seventh, is great.

“Nothing more than in Dallas six innings, two runs. This is the biggest. I saw good movement and good command. “

Keichel (2-3) allowed two runs on eight strokes with five strikeouts and one walk in six innings, making it his longest walk of the season.

“It’s a big step forward,” he said. “At first the winds were a bit tricky, just trying to capture the impact zone and what it would do on the embankment. On the mound the bullpen intersected with the wind differently than on the game.

“Happy to get some early contact and really soothe this first inning with 20 extra pitches. Definitely a step in the right direction. “

The White Sox gave him the lead with three runs in the third. Leuri Garcia entered one of the plots with each other, and Jose Abreu – in two with a double. There were four hits and four IRBs in the Abreu series.

“He has been making that kind of contact (this season),” La Rousse said. “He hits the ball hard longer than the staging shows.”

The Red Sox scored twice in the sixth goal, making the score 3-2. Baer scored a perfect seventh, and Foster knocked out the strikers 2-3-4 in the eighth.

J.D. Martinez doubled against Ruiz to start ninth place. Christian Vazquez came in second, and Ruiz knocked out Alex Verdug.

The chess match has moved to another level. With Jackie Bradley Jr. hitting with his left hand, the White Sox summoned Left Souza.

“I’d rather be a left-hander against Bradley,” La Rousseau said. “He got some big hits against our right-handers in the series.”

The Red Sox resisted, bringing Kevin Plavetsky off the bench with his right hand to face Souza.

“I saw that the lefties were at the bottom of the order,” Souza said, “and I thought this would be a place for me to come in and do the work. (Ruiz) got the first two exits, which was great. And all I had to do was get one. ”

Souza forced Plawecki to fly to central field defender Luis Robert for the final. The White Sox win (14-13) topped the 0.500 for the first time since April 20, when they were 6-5.

“Once it was in the air, I knew it was going to be a way out because the wind was raging today,” Souza said. “It was really exciting. I hugged tightly (catcher) Reese (McGuire).

“It was amazing. One came out. Go there, finish the work and finish the sweep. “


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