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The city of Chicago releases “Chicagwa” water in a canister totaling $ 125,000


CHICAGO (CBS) – On Tuesday, a curious thing happened – the city of Chicago made a proposal for city tap water in a can called “Chicago”.

On Tuesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced plans for a new branding campaign to promote water quality in the city. This is a limited series of cans with different designs by local artists.

“What we’ve done in the investments we’ve made has really strengthened our ability to supply Chicagoans and our regional partners with clean, safe drinking water for decades to come,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Chicagwa can work has six different designs. The city has also achieved a humorous short film announcing Chickwa, narrated by Chicago historian TikTok Sherman “Dila” Thomas.

The Chicagwa brand was created by the Chicago-based creative agency Quality Meats. There is also a series of digital billboards moving around the city.

This summer, water in Chicago will be distributed free of charge at events throughout the city, as well as in places like RealGood Stuff Co., which has several venues in Chicago; The Wieners Circle at 2622 N. Clark St .; and Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen at 1141 S. Jefferson St.

CBS 2 investigator Brad Edwards noted that this campaign interested us for a number of reasons.

We have been covering the city of Chicago and its water for four years in a series called “Getting a Hose.” The main focus of the series is big, bad and wrong water bills. But another trick in the series – dangerous water – lead in water.

With nearly 400,000 homes in Chicago with lead water pipes, we wanted to find out if it was worth the money and the time it took.

Late Wednesday at City Hall we were told that Chicago is a joint partnership and is worth $ 125,000.

But the exact breakdown for taxpayers is not given to us.

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