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The finale of the season “Winning Time” gives 1.6 million viewers – the deadline


HBO‘s Victory Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty scored another high in the season finale on Sunday. The end of the season, which featured tense moments from the NBA Finals ’79 -’80, attracted 1.6 million viewers on both HBO and HBO. HBO Max.

The finale increased by 73% compared to the initial viewership of the season premiere. The debut gathered about 900,000 spectators and has since grown to almost 8 million. In the linear view, the final gathered 534,000 spectators, which is more than twice as much as in the premiere.

Now the series is gaining an average of 6 million viewers. Sunday’s episode also became the seventh week of consistent viewer growth for the sports series.

Time to winThe season finale featured Karim Abdul-Jabar’s ankle injury, Jerry Bass who coped with his mother’s death, the controversial “Newbie of the Year” decision and more. Read the Deadline full resume here. Shoran and executive producer of the series Max Barenstein told Deadline where Time to winNext will go, which has been extended for 2 seasons.

“This next season will, you know, go at the same pace as this first season, roughly to tell the next piece of history. In which Paul Westhead and Pat Riley are involved, next year the Magic will have a fight, and Jerry West’s next step is to become general manager, ”he said. “There will be a lot of transitional things next season.”

Time to win Starring: John C. Reilly as Jerry Bass, Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson, Jason Clark as Jerry West, Adrian Brody as Pat Riley, Gabby Hoffman as Claire Rothman, Tracy Lets as Jackie McKee as Paul Westhead, Julian Nicholson as Cranny McKinney, Hadley Robinson as Ginny Bass, DeVon Nixon as Norma Nixon, Solomon Hughes as Karim Abdul-Jabar, Tamer Tamakili as “Brela” Erlie Bill Sharman, Stephen Adley Girgis as Frank Mariani, Spencer Hee as Spencer Hee Ramos as Cheryl Piston, Molly Gordon as Linda Zafrani, Joey Brooks as Lon Rosen, Delante Desusa as Michael Cooper as Jimmy Cooper, Jimel , Austin Aaron as Mark Landsberger, John Young as Brad Holland and Rob Morgan as Erwin Johnson Sr. and Sally Field as Jesse Bass.

Executive producer with Hyperobject Industries Kevin Messick along with showrunner and writer Barenstein. Jim Hecht is an executive producer, writer and co-author. Adam McKay is the pilot’s executive producer and director. Rodney Barnes is an executive producer and screenwriter. Jason Schumann and Scott Stevens also act as executive producers.


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