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The founder of the store Mr. died. Beef, which inspired The Bear


CHICAGO (AP) — Joseph Zuckera, the founder of the Chicago Italian beef shop that inspired FX’s “The Bear,” has died at age 69, his son said.

Mr. Beef, a no-frills sandwich bar in Chicago’s River North, has been a neighborhood staple for decades. But it became a national sensation after it was portrayed a hard-hitting, fast-paced show released in June 2022.

Zuckera died unexpectedly March 1 at Rush Medical Center while undergoing cancer treatment, said his son Christopher Zuckera, who co-owns the restaurant. “He had to come home,” he said.

Zukera said the family is waiting for the exact cause of his father’s death.

“He was a wonderful person. He was charismatic. He loved his restaurant. .. He loved his family, his children,” Zuckera said.

Nothing will be the same at Mr. Beef without his father, Zuckera said.

“There’s going to be a huge … void here,” he said. “I’m shocked…we’re acting like he’s still here. That’s how we’re going to back it up and push it, is to act like he’s going to come around the corner.”

Mr. Biff’s doors remained open after the elder Zucker’s unexpected death, his son said.

“They didn’t take vacations,” which is what dad would have wanted. For 44 years, “Mr. The beef was always open the hours it said it was open,” Zuccera said.

Exceptions: when “The Bear” was being filmed, and this Saturday, when there will be a memorial service for the father.

“He was a violent man. He was cruel, but also fair. He loved everyone,” Zucchero said.

The Italian beef legend was “delighted” when Christopher Storer, creator of The Bear and childhood friend of Christopher Zucker, focused the show on his shop.

“He was very proud of it,” his son said.


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