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The General Hospital is celebrating a television milestone that few have reached: the filming of 15,000 series in 59 years

HOLLYWOOD – Actors and the film crew of the day drama “General Hospital” are busy filming … listen … their 15,000th episode! They are sure to have gone through a lot since the show first hit daytime television in 1963.

The “General Hospital” has long entertained soap lovers. Of course, in 1963 everything was completely different.

“I don’t think anyone can believe it’s been that long. It’s quite an achievement, isn’t it?” said Gene Francis, who plays Laura Collins. – And it has passed through different generations of people.

Francis from his teens played the popular character Lori. She is now the mayor of the fictional Port Charles.

“I’m very happy with how the character has grown and changed. At first, of course, she was very, very vulnerable. And now I’m much more focused on her strength,” said Franciszek.

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We’ve seen General Hospital grow old with us … different discoveries … different music … different characters … but drama has always been a major element. Episode 15,000 will be dedicated to the character of Francis … and that sounds good!

“It will be happy. It will be boring. It will be dark. It will be scary. It will be fun. It will be exciting. It will be exciting. But most importantly, it’s almost every single cast in it,” said executive producer Frank Valentini.

And they showed up for a traditional holiday cake! We’ve been here many times in the past … but applauding 15,000 episodes is really something special.

Maurice Benard, who plays Sony Carintas, revealed to us a little secret about these high-calorie holidays.

“Well, you know, the truth is, I don’t even touch the cake because I’m very disciplined,” Benard laughed.

The cake is a sweet reminder that “General Hospital” is on its way to celebrating another milestone next year when the show turns 60. We will see 15,000 series that will air on June 17.

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