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The Haymarket Center is celebrating its 45th anniversary; Irique Sargent’s one-on-one interview with Rob Lowe about recovery


CHICAGO (CBS) – As part of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Haymarket Center, money was raised for the work of the center.

Irica Sargent from CBS 2 led the gala representative.

She also took an exclusive one-on-one interview with actor Rob Lowe to talk about her recovery and why it’s so important to come to Chicago to express her support.

Irika: Why come here and be a part of the Haymarket event? What about Haymarket drew you here?

Rob: First of all, I just need to say I love Chicago. Chicago was very kind to me. And the other thing that was very good for me was recovery. When I get there, in about a month I will be sober at 32, and this life has given me everything. So every time I can come to a place that is designated for Haymarket or places that help people start linking their lives in search of healing, it is my great honor.

Irika: What message would you like to send to other people who are thinking about recovery, thinking about making these changes?

Rob: A lot of families face the problem of drugs or alcohol, and for me it’s a promise of a better life, and there’s a way forward and we know how to do it. When I started my journey, my big fear was that I would no longer have fun because I was 26 when I gave up on it all. And I had more fun, I had more good times, I had more laughter than I ever had when I was “having fun”. So for me it’s just to give people a chance to take the first step and start that path to the life they were supposed to have.

Irika: How often do people approach you and say that what you have experienced has changed them?

Rob: If they do, it’s my favorite thing to do. I mean, they can talk about movies or they can talk about TV, books and podcasts and everything I’ve done, but when they talk about recovery, we suddenly become equal. No matter who they are, where they come from, suddenly we are in a club. We are in the best club in the world. And I like to be able when people come, “Hey, I have six months!” ‘Hey, I have three weeks!’ “I’m 10 years old!” It makes my day.

Watch a video of Irica’s full interview with Rob Lowe here.

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