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The Kaneki Senate is discussing a bill that protects abortion providers Health


Hartford, Cannes. (AP) – Late Friday night, the Connecticut Senate debated legislation that abortion advocates say is necessary to protect state health workers from lawsuits stemming from laws outside the state, as well as patients traveling to Connecticut. to terminate a pregnancy and those who help them.

The bill, which was already passed in the House of Representatives earlier this month, will also allow nurses, midwives or assistant physicians with best practices to perform the most common type of abortion in a clinic, known as aspiration abortion, in the first 12 weeks. pregnancy. Currently, the procedure is prescribed only by a doctor.

The legislation is being passed amid new restrictions on abortion imposed in an increasing number of conservative states, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ability to repeal or weaken Rowe v. Wade is a landmark 1973 decision that upheld nationwide abortion rights.

“We need to think about what we’re going to do when that time comes, and we need to think about what we’re going to do right now, given what’s happening in other states,” said Sen. Gary Winfield, New York. Haven – Chairman of the Judicial Committee of the General Assembly.

Under the bill, state and local agencies in Connecticut, which codified Rowe v. Wade’s decision in state law in 1990, will not be able to cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of abortion providers in the state. The bill also changes the state’s extradition charter and prevents the disclosure of a patient’s medical records from outside the state.

The Connecticut Family Conservative Institute has criticized the law, saying it would create a “safe haven” for “abortion providers who violate abortion laws in other states.”

Senator Patricia Billy Miller, from Stamford, who is black, said she agrees that women should be able to make choices regarding their bodies. However, Miller said she plans to vote against the bill because of a racist story about abortion that was told during a speech delivered on the floor of House of Representatives freshman Trenny McGee, D-West Haven, who spoke about black girls being referred for abortion as a form of birth control.

“I can’t support a system that has systematically tried to get rid of the human race,” Miller said.

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